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LiNC Local London 2017 : The Galleries !

Khoros Expert

 Every year, LiNC was held in San Francisco, a land of blue sea,  blue skies (sometimes all white) and green trees ! This year, for the first time, we've changed color! I don't know for you, but to me London has always been a Swinging Red City !



This little visual intro and homage to our Brits friends being made, let's finally jump directly to our topic of the day, The Galleries (You can click on the thumbnails directly for your extreme convenience) :

Screenshot 2017-07-04 12.26.35.png Screenshot 2017-07-04 12.26.47.png Screenshot 2017-07-04 12.27.03.png Screenshot 2017-07-04 12.27.21.png








Monday at the office and Team Prep Work :

Main stage (and around), Awards and Lithys :

Breakout sessions and group deep thinking :

Glowing Drinks :


4 things I'd like to mention before to finish:

- Most sincere thanks to the LiNC Local staff. It is always my pride, joy and honor to work with you all over the year. @RichardW@CharlotteK, @DayleH@DeniseJ@FranciscaF@KellySull, @JaniceK 😉🙏

- Very special congratulations to @DayleH to have been so good for our first LiNC without @KatyK !

- In case you are wondering, all those pictures have been taken in order to be as useful as they can be. So please feel free to download and use them personally or for your company while respecting everyone's privacy. Credits thru link to my social accounts, Twitter or Instagram, are welcome  anytime ! Smiley Very Happy

- I really hope you'll enjoy the photographic ride !


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