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#LiNCLocal London Social Contest Winners!

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

We're still on cloud nine from seeing all of you-- and hearing your important insights-- at LiNC Local London! Huge thanks to everyone who attended and helped make this event happen (high fives to @CharlotteK , @RichardW , @DeniseJ, @FranciscaF and of course, @DayleH).


But the event would not have been a success without our awesome attendees. We'd like to give a shout-out to the top participants in our “Lithium makes me feel…” #LiNCLocal London social contest. These customers and partners have incredible social game, ringing in tons of likes and retweets while also expressing their love for Lithium!


In no particular order, our top 2 picks for the social contest winners are…


 Contest winner Trude Paaske[1].png

@TrudePaaske wowed us with her creative doodles and top social engagement of her contest tweet. Trude- congratulations on winning  a new Parrot Drone! 


The other "top 2" winner for the social contest is…



We loved hearing from @nicolasF that he feels his product feedback was embraced- we take our customers' constructive feedback and suggestions to heart, and we're glad he knows it! Nicolas- congrats on your winning entry in the #LiNCLocal Social Contest. You're the proud new owner of a Parrot Drone!


And a couple honorable mentions as we were overwhelmed by so many incredible entries:


@Wendy_S is always a stellar participant, so no big surprise that she blew us away with her awesome contribution to the contest. Thank you Wendy, for being a perpetual Rockstar! #HonorableMention 


@VanessaM deserves some #LithiumLove for tweeting one of our personal favorites. We loved her contest entry because she hashtagged #LiNCLocal not once…but twice in the same post! And with 9 retweets and 14 likes, clearly others loved it too.


Thanks to all the participants of the “Lithium makes me feel…” #LiNCLocal London social contest-- we loved seeing your creativity and digital spirit unfold! 

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