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Listen in with Lithium & Incite Group on all things Digital CX

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Team Lithium is happy to announce that we will be sponsoring a webinar with Incite Group on how to “Evolve Your Social Customer Support Strategy to Deliver Personalized and Meaningful Experiences.” We’re kicking off this event on Thursday October 5th at noon (EDT), so secure your spot here to be on the listening crew!


You’ll be hearing from Calvin St Juste ( @Calust)  from Comcast, Arman Belding ( @abelding) from Campbell Edwald/Covered California and Margaret Tsuji ( @MargaretT) from Rogers!


You can look to walk away with:

  • How to build deeper relationships with your customers
  • How to boost retention, increase loyalty and deliver great digital CX
  • How to ensure quality and consistency during workflow
  • How to engage with your customers by working with your community before their issues becomes a problem


Wow- so much great content and amazing speakers…oh yea, and its free! We hope these insights will be helpful for you and your business! Tune in Thursday October 5th for this exclusive book of knowledge! Register here.

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