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Lithium CX Files: Covered California Improves Engagement and Response Time with Reach & Response



“We oftentimes get thanked by our customers...

they appreciate that someone is there to listen to them.”

Amanda McCartney Danley, Senior Marketing Specialist – Covered California


“We’ve seen an increase in engagement by using Lithium Reach.”
The flexibility that Lithium Reach gives us to upload bulk assets and schedule campaigns and content by day parts – and see everything that’s in our content pipeline from a holistic, global view – has contributed to the success of our social media efforts in a pretty big way. We are now in a better position to create, schedule, track, and measure campaign and content like never before, making it possible to not only provide our customers with the kind of information they seek from us, but also to encourage them to engage with us through likes, reactions, and comments. Because we can now have a solid solution, with Lithium Reach, for placing the right content in front of the right customers at the right time of day, we are better positioned to nurture and grow our customer base.


“With Lithium Response, we’ve seen an increase in customer satisfaction.”
We can now easily track the number of escalations that have been sent to our customer service team and monitor their responses in real-time with Lithium Response. The speed in which we’ve been able to do this has gone up dramatically. Our goal is to respond within two hours during business hours. We’ve been able to improve our overall response time from 73 percent during the second Open Enrollment period to 82 percent during the third Open Enrollment period. That’s a pretty significant increase given the fact that we’ve received, on average, 3,200 incoming posts per week during the past two Open Enrollment periods. With the help of Lithium Response, we’re confident this number will only continue to improve over time.


“We’ve been able to turn negative experiences into positive ones.”
For many of our customers, figuring out how to navigate the healthcare system can be really confusing or overwhelming. So, for us, efficiency is key; the quicker we can resolve issues, the happier (and less stressed) our customers will be. Lithium Response has played a major role in helping us achieve this. We’ve not only increased our “closed as resolved” rate by eight percent year-over-year, but – and largely due in part to our ability to resolve cases more quickly – we’ve seen negative-to-positive sentiment increase by a whopping 250 percent! This tells us we’re doing something right, and Lithium Response is to thank for a big part of that.


To learn more about how Covered California is using Lithium Reach and Response to take its social media marketing efforts to the next level, watch the video here and be sure to download the Covered California Customer Success Story:



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Covered California is the state’s marketplace for the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). It is the only place where Californians can get financial help to buy quality health insurance from brand-name companies. Since the inception of the ACA in 2014, Covered California has served more than one million people, leading to a drop in the state’s uninsured rate by 72%.




Amanda (McCartney) Danley is a Senior Marketing Specialist at Covered California, where she is responsible for overseeing the strategy and execution of social media content and customer support to drive engagement, satisfaction, and retention of members.