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Lithium Certification and Advanced Product Training in Paris September 15th-19th, 2014

Lithium Alumni (Retired)


Announcing 5 days of training courses in Paris taught by thought-leaders and subject matter experts. The agenda includes Community Management Training & Certification, Social Customer Strategy Training & Certification, Advanced Training Courses and an evening Developer Meet-up.



Participants may sign-up for as many courses as they are interested in. Register here or contact the education team at 



Le Cercle Kadrance

48, rue la Bruyère

75009 Paris - France



  •        8:00-8:30 Breakfast
  •        8:30-12:00 Morning Session
  •        12:00–13:00 Lunch
  •        13:00–17:00 Afternoon Session
  •        17:00–18:30 Certification Exam for Community Manager Certification and Social Strategy Certification
  •        Friday, 16:00 – 19:00 Developer Meet-up


Monday, September 15th, 2014

Community Principles

  •        Early Bird Rate (ends September 1st😞 €550
  •        Standard Rate: €795


In the Lithium Community Principles course, participants learn best practices on how to set up and manage communities, as well as how to create and interact with community users. This includes understanding principles on gamification and badging, moderation practices, administration tasks, getting to know your super users and how to create quality content for blogs, Ideas and TKBs. The course provides several hands-on exercises as well as group discussions. 


The course covers 9 topics:


1.     Community Fundamentals

2.     Administration tasks: Tabs, Structure, Navigation, Settings, Ranks & Roles

3.     Community Forums Best Practices

4.     Blog Fundamentals and Strategy

5.     Getting to know your super users

6.     Ideas Feature elements and strategy

7.     Tribal Knowledge Base – Product differentiation, and Creating and Managing articles

8.     Gamification and Badging

9.     Moderation Best Practices



Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

Community Manager Certification

  •        Early Bird Rate (ends September 1st😞 €550
  •        Standard Rate: €795
  •        Certification Exam: €199


The Lithium Community Manager Certification gives participants the opportunity to learn the latest best practices, as distilled by Lithium’s consultants, from hundreds of companies around the world who have implemented enterprise communities on the Lithium platform.  For experienced community managers, it's an opportunity to benchmark their practices against some of the worlds best. For those starting out, it's a great foundation for future learning. 


The program includes; six hours of live training from Lithium thought-leaders and subject matter experts; and a two-part, 90-minute examination conducted at the conclusion of the training session. To become certified, participants must pass the examination.


The certification program focuses on the 18 core responsibilities of enterprise community managers:


1. Select appropriate interaction styles and features for your audience

2. Design and configure the proper community structure

3. Define community roles and responsibilities

4. Develop marketing plans to increase usage and membership for the community

5. Create comprehensive set of community guidelines and policies

6. Oversee and manage moderators

7. Plan for PR crises and other customer issues

8. Manage off-domain activity

9. Develop communication plans for community members

10. Identify and manage your most active community members

11. Plan and execute community activities to support business events

12. Plan and execute community events

13. Manage blogs and other content program

14. Manage functional touch points within your organization

15. Expand community

16. Develop a measurement program and deliver regular reports to stakeholders

17. Coordinate with the platform vendor

18. Conduct periodic evaluations and competitive analysis


The Lithium Community Manager Certification gives you the opportunity to learn these best practices, hone your skills as a practitioner, and become recognized as a leader in your industry.


Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

Social Customer Strategy Workshop

  •        Early Bird Rate (ends September 1st😞 €550
  •        Standard Rate: €795
  •        Certification Exam: €199


This is a hands-on educational and operational workshop that takes you through the development of a strategic outline for your organization. Centered on the principles of social customer experience, you’ll see how to achieve business objectives using social technology as the core of your engagement platform for customers choosing social channels. You’ll walk away with an implementation plan specific to your organization that identifies stakeholders, success objectives, and recommended steps built around established best practices.



In this workshop, you’ll learn about social technology and see how it can be applied to your organization in ways that extend well beyond marketing. Beginning with a look at how the social web affects the overall perception of your brand, you’ll learn about the components of the social web—social objects, application and the social graph—and how these can be used for customer support, pre-sales assistance and as a central element of a customer-driven innovation program. You’ll also learn how to combine social metrics with your fundamental business measures so that you can prove fiscal ROI. The result will be a solid framework for developing a strategic approach to managing social customer experience, preparing you for implementation of a social technology program.

Building on the founding concepts, best practices and case studies you will develop a strategic outline for social technology implementation that is specific to your organization. You'll identify stakeholders across business disciplines within your organization and see how to implement a cross-functional social technology program.


Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Studio Concepts

  •        Early Bird Rate (ends September 1st😞 €550
  •        Standard Rate: €795


The Studio Concepts course explains the framework and concepts of the Lithium Studio product and gives you the chance to create, edit, and design components, page-layouts and skins.

The training features development guidelines, best practices, and hands-on exercises.


Participants learn about:

•         Creating new skins for community pages

•         Adding and modifying Lithium pages (Community, Category, Forum, Blog)

•         Designing and creating custom content

•         How endpoints work with HTML, AJAX, and JSON calls

•         Versioning and publishing best practices


Friday, September 19th, 2014

Design Principles

  •        Early Bird Rate (ends September 1st😞 €550
  •        Standard Rate: €795


The Design Principles advanced course will teach you how to create, edit and structure styling for your community using CSS, custom components, REST API/freemarker. Understanding design concepts as they relate to the lithium application and how to apply those concept to your community.

This training features customer examples, guidelines, design community checklists, and hands-on exercises. Recommended for branding designers, UI/UX designers, Icon designers, and front-end developers.


 Participants learn how:

•         Understand the difference between designing for applications vs. websites

•         Configuration affects and manipulates the user interface

•         Learn how to add graphics, additional assets, rank icons, badges, and enable features

•         Create custom components with added features, display, UI by using REST, Freemarker, Endpoints and JS


Friday, September, 19th, 2014

Developer Meet-up 16:00 – 19:00

Join Lithium product teams, partners and other developers for a festive evening of food, drinks, and networking.  We’ll have news to share on Lithium's SDKs and tools, which will include updates for API v2 with LiQL, the JavaScript SDK (built on the Angular JS foundation), and the Plug-In Developer Module.  This should be a very informative and interactive session — don’t miss it!


Who: Lithium developers, partners

What to bring: your laptop if you have troubleshooting questions on your project


You can RSVP for the Developer Meet-up from this page:



Participants may sign-up for as many courses as they are interested in. Register here or contact the education team at 



 Jordan Suffin is Director of Training Services at Lithium, responsible for development and delivery of educational and engaging training materials. He previously worked at MicroStrategy where he spent 16 years in various education roles, starting out as a technical trainer for the West region and more recently running Global Partner Sales & Technical Training and Internal Sales Training/Onboarding programs.


Lithium Alumni (Retired)

The link to the registration page is coming soon! Please be a little more patient. I know that these trainings in Paris are excitings news!!! 😉

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Et voila le lien pour s'inscrire:

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Merci beaucoup à Laurence, Fondatrice et CEO de Customer Insight à Paris.


C'est un article bien documenté et aussi une bonne promotion de notre semaine de formation à Paris.


@DaveEv  sera surement bien content d'être autant cité! 😉


Et voila le lien de l'article:


Très bonnes vacances (en attendant de se retrouver pour cette formation).




Hi all.


Are there any plans for online certification or is anything planned in Brasil or US.

We have a new colleague on-board who really would like to become certified.




Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Hi Wendy,

We are planning to run the certificaiton program in San Francisco in December. If we get enough interest we could run it sooner. What is the location in the USA? We may run it on the east coast this fall. 




Kelly Thompson

Director Training Services


Lithium Technologies, Inc.

225 Bush St., 15th Floor

San Francisco, CA 94104

O: +1.415.635.3444

Twitter: @kithompson


Are there any other certification programs planned in Europe (besides Paris) this year?




Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Hello Anna, 


I guess 2 other certification programms are planned in November.

One in Dach and one in London.

@KellyT can confirm precise dates. 




Will the DACH certification programs in Münich be held in German? We have couple of colleagues on our team who would like to get certified but are not very fluent in english.




Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Dear Karla,

the DACH certifcations programs will be held in english, but we will have german speaking experts on site.

If you want to have a conversation about this in order to clarify, please contact me directly anytime! 

Kind regards

Sandra (EMEA marketing)


Hi Kelly. Sorry I did not see your reply before.

brasil is prefered. US we d be thinking California? SF?

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