Lithium London Meetup: TalkTalk and Skype's Latest Achievements

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Since last November, the Lithium London team has been organising a series of customer meetups aiming at connecting our experts to share knowledge and experiences around community management and our products. Starting from a casual meetup in our London home, we had the pleasure to be hosted in Skype’s incredible London offices last Thursday, where over 40 professionals met up to listen to some great stories, share their experiences and meet peers.




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We had a fantastic agenda thanks to some stellar presentations from our European Rockstars: @Fellsteruk from TalkTalk and @Claudius from Skype. Attendees also had a special sneak-peek of our brand new “Lithium Reach” product, which most of you may know as Publishing.


Here’s a quick overview of what we discussed that evening! 


How does TalkTalk use Lithium Social Web between their Social Care channels and their Support Community?


 hngd.pngTalkTalk is one of the leading telecommunications companies in the UK, and for the past decade, Stephen Fell (@fellsterUK) has been at the front end of developing a new and improved digital customer experience with community at its core.


Why is community so important to him? Stephen emphasises that it’s not only key to empower the customer to find a solution by themselves (no one likes to call the call center, right?), but also to be able to deliver a scalable experience with relevant content to his audience.


Lithium Social Web has played a key role in orchestrating the team of 6 “the best” (his words – he told the audience he went and poached them at the CEO’s office) as it enabled them to have a single workflow tool across social destinations.




When TalkTalk was the victim of a major cyber-attack last year, Stephen mentioned that despite that period being one of the most challenging of his whole career, Lithium Social Web not only helped save his sanity, but also enabled a much more efficient response to the whole crisis.




All in all, it seems that this whole experience helped Stephen and his team mature, not only in crisis management, but also in scaling the efforts and what it would take to elevate his strategy to the next level.


The next step for the TalkTalk community is an exciting new redesign and the switch to responsive, while continuing improving internal processes to reach that overall ultimate goal: Delivering effortless support through digital channels.


Stephen’s full deck is available for you to view on the thread of the event: LINK


How did Skype take a mature 5-year-old community to the next level?

bfs.png“Okay, my community is now ‘mature’ – now what?” was the basis of Claudius’ though when he kicked off a massive community transformation project last year, aiming at taking his beloved community to the next level.


In his presentation, Claudius presented his latest initiatives to the group: going responsive, reviewing the registration process, implementation of badges, building internal adoption.


Claudius has promised to share his learnings from going responsive and reviewing the registration process, so keep your eyes peeled!

Spoiler: Implementing a new SSO has increased completed registrations by 240% and member entrances by 354%.


When it came to building internal awareness around the community, Claudius would go to key areas of the business and tell them that the Skype Community is THEIR community and would present them with content relevant to them. For example, he would present the top conversations around the Android app to the Android team. Claudius explained that he has been leveraging the Bulk Data API with PowerBi, a data visualization tool that is available through the Office 365 Suite. “It takes 4 clicks to set up the connector, and it’s really easy!’





To break down the barriers for engagement, Claudius and his team would organise Community Days: a day where Skype employees take over the community: register, engage on the community and help the community. Although there was an obvious increase of staff engagement on that day, the community does see sustainable engagement following these events, and staff members do come back to the community.


 g ds.png 


Claudius’ final tip to the attendees of the meetup was to use and leverage the community of Lithium users more, and more specifically that “the Lithium Community is your consultancy: leverage other Lithium customers, ask your questions of the community, share your experiences, join meetups – it’s invaluable”. Well! We are definitely not going to disagree with that Smiley Happy


Speaking of upcoming meetups, our next London Meetup will be in September, and we are still actively looking for a host and some speakers. If you are interested, drop me or your assigned Customer Success Manager a message!