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Lithium Social Web is now Lithium Response

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet." – Romeo and Juliet (William Shakespeare)


There’s lots of great news coming out of LiNC today! And if you attended our mainstage keynote, you would have heard that we changed the name of Lithium Social Web to Lithium Response.


I’m sure you’re curious about why we decided to change the name. We simply wanted to make the name Lithium Response describe what the product actually does – allows brands to respond to customers. We also wanted it to better align with our other two flagship products, Lithium Community and Lithium Reach. Lithium Reach is our new social marketing tool that helps brands drive higher engagement from their social efforts.


Don’t worry Smiley Happy. Lithium Response is still the same great platform you’ve come to love, and we are continuing to build out its feature set based on industry shifts and requests from you. It allows for agents to respond to customers quickly and efficiently and it still has the same industry-leading analytics, services and support to make your team effective. And with the introduction of Reach you can manage, and measure, the customer experience end-to-end.


It still comes with the same great products: Shared Dashboard, Monitor Wall, Experts and the Mobile App.  


iphone6  analytics portrait.png

To help engage your organization, the Lithium Monitor Wall provides real-time visibility and an early warning system for what’s happening in your community and social channels that is tied to business objectives. Shared Dashboards let you monitor key metrics and drill down for more data to take action. These tools help you democratize data and show your company your social and community activity as it happens. It also lets them see for themselves what your customers are discussing about the brand, which makes the customer more real to your internal people. With the introduction of Mobile Analytics, anyone can see dashboards on-the-fly.


Many of our customers using Lithium Response to manage community conversations are getting great value by reducing conversations with no responses to zero and doubling accepted solution rates in the community. While the majority of the time using your front-line community managers will be able to respond to customers, there are times (new product launches, updates, version releases, etc.) where you need internal experts to respond. Lithium Experts identifies your internal experts and texts them when there is a question they need to answer. This allows agents to provide answers much faster, and Lithium Mobile App allows you to access Lithium Social Web on mobile, so you can have location-agnostic access to community data and activity.


Stay tuned for more details as we bring new Lithium Response features and capabilities to market throughout the year!!!

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