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Lithosphere hot fixes and updates - 29 May

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Following on from our redesign last week I would first like to thank you all for the great feedback and comments/ We have just pushed our first round fixes (listed below):

  • We have done some work to fix some content formatting issues with headers and spacing. Please feel free to flag up any other formatting issues you see on the Feedback thread in Suggestions for our Community,
  • Missing signature assets added back.
  • Return of the Translator.
  • New to [product] module now showing relevant content per product category.
  • Case portal layout fixes.
  • Change of background for highlighted messages.
  • "My Case Portal” back on profile page.

Coming soon:

  • Adding in a Top contributors component.
  • Styling to highlight when you have kudoed a post.
  • Editing component “Images not loading” in Profile Page.
  • Fix for User profile page member (banner) image upload fixed.
  • Review profile page components.
    • Kudos.
    • Stats.
    • Bookmarks.
  • Fix for badges in hovercard from Users Online module.