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Meet the 2018 Lithium Stars LIVE

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

What’s the secret to a vivacious, supportive community? Engaged, responsive users. Superuser programs like Spotify’s Rock Star Program an Sephora’s Beauty Talk Super User Program are prime examples of how a community can not only foster support, but also create opportunities to purchase more products and organically establish brand advocates.


At Lithium, we want to recognize the superusers that have gone above and beyond to help out their peers, and are the integral pillars that helped cultivate powerful communities. Our Lithium Stars Program launched in 2010, and serves as a way for us to celebrate and shine a light on superusers who have become advocates and thought leaders in their own communities, and in the realm of social customer service. These role models exemplify the positive behaviors that influence the industry on what is considered “best-in-class” in digital customer engagement.


Be sure to tune in for the live broadcast where we’re announcing the 2018 Lithium Stars on Wednesday, May 30th at 9am PT.


Get ready to congratulate this year’s All-Stars, Rockstars, and Heroes live! And learn how your peers are earning their superuser titles so you can gain inspiration to be a 2019 Lithium Star!


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Great! Looking forward to meeting the new stars.

Well done guys I know you all do a fab job.

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Very cool!  Congrats to everyone!  Thanks Katherine & Kelly and everyone at Lithium!


Congrats to all of the All Stars, Heroes and Rockstars - you deserve it!  Participating at that level and keeping your day job covered is a monumental feat.  Cheers

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Congrats to all the Lithium Stars!