Planning Ahead During A Crisis

Khoros Staff


Authors: @RachelC and @A11ey 

Everything changes so quickly, last week feels like a month ago and last month feels like it was last year. While no one has a crystal ball, we all want to know how we can plan for the next month or two. As Marketers, we're having to pivot quickly to make sure we're providing useful and relevant content to our audiences. 

So what are some best practices you could lean on to ensure content is fresh and engaging so audiences don’t get burnt out from it all?

In the midst of a crisis sometimes it is hard to think about anything else, but you have to strike a balance between both crisis-related and ‘business as usual’ content. 

However, you can not forget to take the current crisis into consideration. Ensuring your content is not apathetic, but still relevant to your brand and the goods or services you are selling.

It is also probably time to consider what long term effect this or any other crisis will have not only on your business but the lives of your partners and customers, is there something you provide that can help solve a potential future problem?

For example, there have been Fashion brands like Prada, H&M & Gucci making medical masks & gowns due to the shortage, caused by the current crisis. 

You don't necessarily have to create a new product. 

You can create new content around an existing product, keeping it fresh, yet relevant to the current environment.

However, brands should provide something other than crisis-related content, customers are getting inundated with it from every brand, so having some positive and entertaining content is something they will be looking for very soon