Register for LiNC and While You're Here Discover our City by the Bay!

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thingstodoinsf.pngLiNC has great content and gives you the opportunity to meet and mingle with some of the brightest minds in the industry. 


To give you all some more motivation to register, we have come up with 13 awesome things you could do in San Francisco.


  1. Start your morning off right with breakfast for you     and your friends at Mamas 
  2. Stroll through Pier 39 and snap photos of the sea lions 
  3. Visit the newly renovated Exploratorium and discover weird science 
  4. Take a walk around the Ferry Building and buy some bread and cheese from the Cowgirl Creamery for a picnic in the park
  5. Wander through Golden Gate Park and visit the Conservatory of Flowers 
  6. Philz Coffee is some of the best coffee San Francisco has to offer. Try their iced coffee or mocha Tesora.
  7. Tour the city by cable car 
  8. Escape to Alcatraz 
  9. Watch the San Francisco Giants
  10. Try a taste of “Elvis the Fat Years” at Humphry Slocombe ice cream.
  11. Try some of Hobsons Choice’s famous rum punch  and then buy some records at Amoeba Records 
  12. Watch a foreign film while eating your delicious dinner at Foreign Cinema 
  13. Head dowtown and do some shopping!


Can’t wait to see you in the City by the Bay in May,


The Lithium Team



This is awesome, and very helpful.

Thanks Shawn!


I'm keen to go see a Giants game. If anyone else is looking to do the same, let me know. 

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The mint mojito at Philz is one of my favorites, especially on a warm day!

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Salmon fishing too. Just happens to be Salmon season in the San Francisco area in May. San Francisco charter boats head out around 6am. They charge about $130 for everything. Includes Rod, reel, license, bait, boat, deckhands to help you rig everything up, full service.

Thinking about going out myself just before LiNC. If interested anyone is welcome to tag along!!

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@ShawnS - any recommendations you can provide on Napa? Thinking of staying there for a night. Hotels, B&Bs, winery? Any info would be helpful. Thanks, Susan
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@SusanCinadr There are so many great wineries up there it's hard to choose. St. Helena has two of my favorite ones: Arrowood and Beringer. Kunde Winery is on the way to napa and is a family run winery and you can bring a picninc lunch and soak up some sun. Another one in Sonoma worth mentionind is BR Chon. As far as Napa goes, you should definitely check out Domaine Carneros, it's a little pricey but is an absolutely gorgeous estate and has quite the view. It's all sparkling wines but they are delicious! Clos du Val is another good one in Napa as well.


I'd also recommend renting a car since there can be a fair ammount of driving! I've never actually stayed up there but I've heard good things about the Inn on First. 


Hope that helps!