Seven B2B Community Best Practices to Boost Engagement

Lithium Alumni (Retired)


As a B2B marketer, how do you move beyond just providing support, so you can truly focus on creating great customer experiences at every touchpoint? One of the most successful ways is through your community. As you know, B2B customers are independent; they want to be able to find the solutions they need without calling a customer care support line. Your community is the place where they can self-serve on training, education, troubleshooting, or crowdsourcing and you can interact with them to keep your relationship alive during the service period.


We found some outstanding B2B communities that are using innovative methods to drive this kind of engagement in their community.


Read B2B Communities: 7 Best Practices that Boost Engagement for the Ultimate Customer Experience to learn how B2B communities are getting creative in driving engagement and focusing on retaining customers through great customer experiences.

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