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Social Media That Powers the Business Beyond Marketing

Lithium Alumni (Retired)



Social media is ubiquitous.


This is the fact you’ve come to know and love, or maybe dislike, as a marketer. Simply ‘adopting social’ is a tactic of the past. We’ve since moved on to solving the conundrum of how to properly deploy and activate our social efforts. As platform functionality has increased, companies have been challenged with boosting spend to keep up with competitors on the social front. But as these objectives become a necessity to a digital strategy at large, marketers now have to exhibit return on investment in their social endeavors.


It is more than a tweet or a blog.


Social is a driver across the business; it ensures all aspects of the business are delivering a customer experience that is unique and valuable.


When you integrate your social channels, you can utilize that platform as a powerhouse for your content and ultimately, see increased engagement with your brand.


Here are three questions to ask yourself when evaluating what I like to call your “social standing:”

  1. Are you leveraging the right channels? You must be cognizant of the most impactful channels for all stages of every customer’s journey and tailor content for each channel.
  2. What is it delivering to the business? You must utilize the data from social in all realms of the business. How are our social endeavors contributing to brand value or NPS? Are social efforts contributing to sales? How are you using social to understand the customer in every dimension and drive a better experience?
  3. Are you able to scale while remaining authentic? How are you engaging? You need to maintain an authentic connection, despite some of these social mediums having massive scale.


In our upcoming webcast, Forrester Vice President & Research Director Melissa Parrish and Lithium CMO Katy Keim (@KatyK) will dive into the recent Forrester report: You Don’t Need a “Social Marketing” Strategy, divulging the answers to your questions in the world of social and beyond.


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