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StubHub Rocks Social Customer Service with LSW (Q&A)

Lithium Alumni (Retired)




With over 700,000 fans on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we were very excited to hear StubHub’s ‘road to social success’ story. We sat down with Mary C. Hill, Customer Service and Social Media Manager at StubHub, to learn more about the secret to StubHub’s customer service success and why Lithium Social Web (LSW) works best for her team to manage the thousands of fan inquiries on social.  


Q: How has your customer service approach evolved in the last five years?

A: In the last five years, we’ve seen the entire customer support function realizing the need to adapt to other channels like Twitter and Instagram. Now in 2016, it is no longer a choice, but table stakes. Specifically, at StubHub, some of our fans prefer to call us or contact us on social. This is why it’s very important to have a unified platform on all our digital channels for customer support.  


Q: Tell us about the challenges you faced that prompted you to seek a new solution for social support.

A: Social was very unique when I took over the team in 2013 and we knew we needed to grow and thrive in this area. We monitored channels, but at the time, we took a very reactive approach to the customer inquiries and comments that came in. Now, we have made it a true channel where we take a proactive approach to connect and respond to fans while working to build trust in the brand.  


Q: Tell us a little about your journey to LSW. What features were you looking for your new tool to have?

A: The main goal for us was to find a tool that was a turn-key solution for social customer care and that had a gold-standard rating that would allow us to assist our fans quickly. We wanted a tool to be customer service driven and that was LSW after we did our due-diligence and research. Plus, we wanted a tool that was easy to use yet had all the bells and whistles so to speak. We also wanted a tool that could provide in depth analytics.  


Q: Why did you select LSW?

A: There are a few reasons we selected Lithium over the other vendors, but one of the main reasons is the LSW reporting – from trending topics, team monitoring to Monitor Wall - the analytics is first-class. We also wanted to have the flexibility to do our own customizations on the backend. We wanted to update our own tags and keyword searches quickly and efficiently. LSW helps with that.  


Q: What’s your favorite part of LSW?

A: Definitely visibility. We have visibility into both what our fans are saying in real-time and how our agents are performing. We can also now easily prioritize by putting keywords in place, and we see the tweets coming to our executives first with complaints flagged because of our priority topics. Our response time is the best it’s ever been on social, which helps to create happy customers.


 Q: What metrics can you share with us?

A: With the help of LSW, our response time has gone down from an hour to less than 20 minutes on average. And we’re now able to review 9,000 to 12,000 inquiries a week.  


Q: What has been the impact on your organization?

A: The largest impact has been the ability to respond to our customers so quickly, which in turn allows us to focus not just on direct conversation, but indirect conversation to help build our base of followers by interaction. 


Q: Lastly, what advice would you give a brand looking to find a great social care tool?

A: My advice would be to find a solution with great way of responding to customers and prioritizing customer issues as well as analytics, get comfortable with the reporting and dashboard – people will want to see your results and, lastly, be sure to find a good support team in the tool that you select. 


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