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Symantec’s Tim Lopez and HP’s Kriti Kapoor Share Their Winning Tips on Social Support

Lithium Alumni (Retired)


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“To be successful at Social Customer Care, you need to make the core purpose of your team to make your customers happy.”

– Tim Lopez, Social Customer Care Leader, Symantec



On March 4, 2016, @AppleSupport was born. The Twitterverse welcomed them with open arms, as evidenced by their rapid growth of followers to 100,000 in just one day. However, many seasoned social media leaders questioned what took a top brand so long to join the (social care) party in this age of extreme customer expectations.




Social media veterans, and experts in Lithium Social Web (LSW), offered their tips on how to succeed and flagged areas to avoid based on their own learnings.


Symantec’s Social Customer Care Leader Tim Lopez  (@Tim) offered these pearls of wisdom in his popular op-ed:

  • Be quick: The shorter amount of time a customer has to wait for a response, the easier it is to turn a customer’s bad situation into a good one. 
  • Listen: A huge part of listening that has the greatest opportunity is keyword listening. And it’s completely acceptable to jump in to a conversation uninvited.
  • Have the right reporting metrics: Look at Average Time to RespondSentiment Conversion, and Agent Handle Time as your performance indicators. These are the metrics that speak to your original core purpose - Customer Satisfaction. (Check out some of Symantec’s metrics here)
  • Invest in the right tools: Social Customer Care requires more than integration with Twitter. LSW focuses heavily on treating each interaction as a case, with each follow-up with the customer being logged in to that same case until the case is ‘closed’. Additionally, it allows us to follow-up with customers easily, track sentiment, have detailed reporting and analytics, track issue types, smart routing to subject matter experts, proactive keyword listening capabilities, and Lithium was also first-to-market with a customer care solution that has it done right.


HP’s Global Director of Social Customer Care, Kriti Kapoor (@kkapoor), also weighed in with her tips and key learnings for Apple Support in her op-ed, stating:

  • Customers deserve to be heard: Discover where conversations around your brand are taking place, respond to those customers, and learn from the feedback.
  • Learn quickly: Keep up on all things social, educate others across the organization, observe your interactions with customers to enable you to learn and improve your social support experience. (Watch Kriti’s video here for more key learnings on HP’s social success)
  • Be grounded in facts: Be prepared and come to meetings with facts - number of customers served, traffic patterns across channels, incoming (relevant post) volume trends, response time vs. SLA, impact to brand sentiment, social agent efficiency vs. traditional channels (phone & chat), and social care cost per contact. This will help make the internal conversations easier. 
  • Have fun: A world gone social presents incredible avenues for brands to engage with customers like never before. To be at the heart of the reinvention of customer support – where communications, technology and communities converge, is incredibly exciting! 


Love these insights from our LSW customers! We, at Lithium, welcome Apple and all new brands to the world of social customer care, and look forward to learning and growing together as we all progress into uncharted territory.


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