The 2018 Regional Lithy Award Winners

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Each year, in addition to our Lithy Award Categories, we have regional awards that are selected by our internal team, awarding a brand who had an outstanding Lithy submission, but also had a fantastic year in their respective region. The award demonstrates that the customer is innovating and excelling in customer engagement, adopting new technologies, and delivering impressive results.


These awards are rolled out at our CX Live events around the globe.

After our CX Live event in SF, we are pleased to publicly announce that our 2018 North America victor is...


Sprint2018 North America Regional Lithy Award.png


Major kudos to the team for making huge waves all year long in digital customer engagement. Check out their submission here. 

APAC and EMEA winners to be announced soon; stay tuned!


Occasional Commentator

Thank you so much for this.  Lithium's products have enabled us to do amazing things and I'm delighted that my team was recognized in the space!

Khoros Staff

Coolest thing ever!  This is the SMARTeam that made it all possible!SMARTeamSMARTeam