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The Best of Social Media Day #SMDay 2016

Lithium Alumni (Retired)



Everyone knows that those who work in social media are “on” 24/7. It’s the nature of the job. So it’s only fair that the world stops to celebrate them and the social media industry once a year. On June 30th, people around the globe celebrated Social Media Day, as launched in 2010 by Mashable.


The tweets and posts using hashtags #SMDay and #SocialMediaDay dominated for 24 hours. And we, at Lithium, loved getting into the holiday spirit as well. We produced #SMDay cookies and cupcakes that also celebrated our new social marketing tool, #LithiumReach. Not only did the sweets look great, but we hear they tasted pretty good too.




Here are our Top 10 favorite Social Media Day tweets from around the globe, and why they resonated with us:


1. The Economist: Loved the personal touch of seeing the faces behind their tweets. It’s a good reminder that there’s a real person with real emotions working hard behind each brand’s social care team. Let’s treat those social media peeps with respect and expect to receive the same in return!



2. Modern Society: A clever visual reminder that social media has not always existed. Yes, for you millennials, paper and a real corded phone actually used to exist!





3. President Obama: A holiday celebration wouldn’t be complete without incorporating Barack. Check out his selfie stick…Now did he tweet, Instagram, or Snapchat that pic?




4. Mashable: We have to pay credit where credit is due. Thanks, Mashable, for launching a much-needed global celebration!





5. Lithium treats: We got a kick out of seeing our friends at HP and PEXA tweet pics of their Lithium cookies and cupcakes. (Did you really think we’d leave these out of our Top 10?) P.S. Word on the street is that the pink cupcakes rocked.


Debbie Lee of HP tweet.jpgAnna tweet.jpgValisa tweet.jpg6. Snapchat: Lots of tweets around Snapchat-- from Forbes tweeting a factoid about young adults dominating Snapchat to FOX & Friends co-host Steve Doocy learning on-air how to use Snapchat for the first time (might as well, since Forbes says only 6% of the 18-34 demographic watches a U.S. TV network). It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks…If you’re in the 35+ demo, jump on Snapchat; you just might feel young again.



 7. #SMDay Events: This was just one of many tweets featuring Social Media Day events around the world. An excuse for a good party? Works for us.





8. Bahrain: Not sure what the Arabic writing says, but wanted to feature this one to demonstrate how #SMDay was a true global celebration. Social media crosses all generations, continents, cultures, and languages.



9. Lululemon: Appreciated that some brands stayed true to themselves and celebrated off-channel where their real home/office is…at the gym, at the yoga studio, in the mountains. #BreathOfFreshAir




10. Social Champs: And we’ll close with this tweet that should resonate with all social media industry folks who never fully logoff from their day jobs…


Social Champs.jpg


Hope you all enjoyed 2016 #SMDay! Follow us @LithiumTech to keep the social conversation going.



Janice Kim  leads the social channels for Lithium and Klout and showcases Lithium customer success stories as part of the brand marketing team. She’s held previous roles at GE Capital, CNBC, and NBC News. Follow her on Twitter @LithiumTech and @JaniceKim100.

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