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The Community 2.0 Conference Delivered

Lithium Alumni (Retired)
Lithium joined-in at the Community 2.0 conference in Las Vegas this past March 12-14, 2007. Shared Insights produced a solid show with informative sessions crafted for all levels of attendee.  Throughout the sessions and discussions, it was apparent that online communities certainly have evolved into their next generation, and the ones done well do deserve to be tagged “2.0”.

And since a community is about its members, after all else, here’s some feedback from the members of this emerging industry community:

The spirit of the crowd:
1. Remind me of the basics:
* “What is a simple definition of community?”
* “What are the different types?
* “And how do they differ from social networking?”

2. Help me sell it in:
* “What ROI can I use to socialize this concept and gain support internally to deploy my own community?”

3. Tell me it’s cool
* “What are some of the web 2.0 features being used?”

Notable quotes:
1. "Pick-up the trash and take down the billboards" Scott Wilder, GM, Online Communities Intuit (context: Intuit's policy on moderation is to strictly monitor for profanity and ads and then let the community moderate itself)
2. "Findabilty = Fundability" John Hagel, Keynote Speaker (context: Community Managers need to promote their communities just like Marketing Managers promote their sites or no one will find them or participate in them)
3. "Let the seller beware" Ben McConell, Author (context: enterprises need to let go of control when deploying a community)
4. "A solid advantage of communities could be to decrease customer support costs" Craig Newmark, Founder of Craigslist (enterprise support communities can deflect inquiries from call centers and CRM systems thanks to self-help and peer-to-peer support)

If you attended the conference, weigh in with your thoughts.

And stay tuned … we’re heading to Forum One’s Online Community Business Forum in Sonoma this May 3-4.

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