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The Experience is the Brand

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Lithium’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Rob Tarkoff ( @RobT), took to the stage to kick off a full day of thought leadership, insights, and a few surprises at LiNC Local Sydney.


Addressing a packed room of digital marketers, community managers and customer service professionals, he started his talk by asking the audience an important question: “Where does customer experience sit today?” And while it pretty much goes without saying that customer experience is top of mind for practically every brand today, many fail to realize, according to Tarkoff, that “there’s very little separation between a company’s culture and behavior and how consumers perceive or feel about the products and services that fall under a brand’s purview.”


A recent Harris Poll survey, conducted on behalf of Lithium, 83 percent of consumers agreed that a positive experience with a brand is just as important as the experience they have with a brand’s product itself. Equally, 43 percent said they would buy an inferior product from a brand that offered a great customer experience. And probably most alarming, a whopping 73 percent firmly believed that there are no such thing as second chances, saying they would stop using a brand after a single bad experience.


So, in an era when brands are eager to maximize their share of wallet, they have to accept a very simple truth: happy customers simply spend more!


This was the perfect segue for Tarkoff to share Lithium’s Digital Customer Experience (aka, “Digital CX”) vision – in other words, the convergence of customer experience and product excellence. To find the Digital CX sweet spot, Tarkoff suggested that brands must always be ready to Listen, Engage, Enlist, and Embrace consumers, whenever and wherever they may be. In fact, he boldly claimed that “it’s time for brands to grow up and take Digital CX to the next level” via Lithium’s single platform for social media management and online communities. “Digital CX is the moment; it’s time for next generation digital customer experiences.”


Before closing, Tarkoff quickly discussed how Lithium’s recent acquisition by Vista Equity Partners is helping to further position the company for growth at a time when Digital CX is more important to brands than ever before.


Check out his full slides to learn more about Digital CX...and more!

Plus, check out this video from LiNC Local London to see Rob in action.