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The Great Migration: Volume 4


TAM Blind Dates and a Case History Mystery


Remember blind dates? Yeah, I don't miss them, either. I’m so grateful for dating apps.


A couple of weeks ago I had a brief interaction with my new Lithium TAM on a call with Aurea. The meeting was quick, the interaction was limited, and the mood was nervous, but that feeling of butterflies in my tummy never went away. It’s that same feeling you get on a blind date – you know nothing about this person, who they are, where they’re from, if they have a human hair collection, or if you’re fated to spend the happily spend the rest of your lives together.


In those blind dates, you just live in the moment, smile, make jokes, ask questions, and power through.


Well, I met my new TAM for a solo call today, and we Jived. And yes, that pun was intended.


That’s Marty. He’s cool.


When going through any open cases, we settled on a quick conversation about case history. In case (this pun not intended, nor wanted) you haven’t been through a platform migration before, lifting and shifting content can be rewarding and simple, but it’s not always super easy. With the news that Aurea and Lithium won’t be transitioning closed cases to the Lithium version of the case ticketing system we’ve all learned to love and hate at Jive, I find myself interested in capturing our case history for future use.


I mean, how often does one of our prairie dog behaviors pop back up and need to be whack-a-mole’d down again? Not super often, but often enough to want to extend the curtesy to our new TAM Marty (now and forever referred to a ‘TAM Marty’ on this blog), to provide case history for some of the things we are sure may pop back up. For example, we used to need Jive to restart our EAE server every couple of months because our UAT environment was getting a little slow. Why make Lithium troubleshoot from ground zero, when Jive already had a solution?


The good news? Aurea Works has a great ‘export all cases’ option, so we’re going to save these ol’ things for later. Just an FYI – the feature isn’t working great right now, but Lithium and Aurea are working on getting it back up and ready to go by the time cases transition on March 18th. I totally suggest you join the fray and save your cases. They may be super helpful later on!


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