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The Great Migration: Volume 5



I'll be honest, Lithy, I missed you last week. Things went a little crazy on our creative side, so I found myself working on some cool deployment projects instead of writing for my favorite blog.


What's new? I'm glad you've asked! You'll notice the next entry of this blog has changed to a new name, #MigrationMondays. That being said, this week I'm making this much less about migration and figured I'd share one of my favorite initiatives we run each year on the THWACK community.


March is coming, and we all know what that means. March Madness!


A few years ago, some genius at SolarWinds (not taking credit, I wasn't event here at the time) decided it would be cool to let the community participate in a Bracket Battle of it's own. They picked a category, set up a bracket of people in that theme, put up polls for each matchup, and launched. Since then, we've done a number of battles, from Sci-Fi to Villains, Captains to Sidekicks. We're all super excited for this year, but our category is still hush-hush for a few more weeks.


Want to see who won each category? You can peek using the links below. Spoiler alert: our community is a bunch of geeks. We use that term lovingly.


2014: Sci-Fi

2015: Villains

2016: Oh Captain, My Captain

2017: Sidekicks


Conceptually, setting these up is super simple in Lithium JX. You have a graphics-savvy employee build a bracket image and deploy vote buttons, which lead to specific polls where users can vote on each matchup. Once you close a specific round of voting (polls can be scheduled to close and open at specific times), you post vote links to the next round of polls, where users vote on only the winners of the previous round. On, and on, until you users have once again made sure yet another Star Wars character wins. Four years in a row.


Whatever we do, we'll make sure no Star Wars characters are in the brackets this year. *evil laugh*


This year I've worked hard in moving our static image to HTML and CSS, so we can have a responsive bracket that looks good 100% of the time. Warning: Not for the faint of heart or the faint of code.


To be honest, we haven't conceptualized what this will look like in Lithium when we migrate next year, but I'm looking forward to the challenge.


By the way, Lithy, I'm out next week for some snow time in Eastern Washington State. I wish you the best, and can't wait to write another post when I'm back. Behave yourselves out there!

Ben Garves
THWACK Community

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