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The Social Marketing Spectrum: Tools & Tactics to Take You to the Top

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

With the extensive and intricate digital customer lifecycle that exists today, marketers and customer care experts need to identify the necessary tools and tactics along each step of the way.


The struggle is real. And I’m not just using a cliché. It is a daily challenge to find the right blend of tools that match your budget, your business objectives and your holistic strategy. Is there a right way to do it?


Allow some enlightenment: social is multi-faceted now, and it connects the dots in your overall digital customer experience, which is a brand differentiator that trumps a products’ capabilities. Finding your customers where they are is just the first step. After that, you must understand what you want to achieve with your consumers. Is it awareness? Is it the ability to scale your customer service SLA? You then move to create a strategy with these goals, and in today’s digital-first world, you need the technology to execute effectively.


Sounds like jumping through a few hoops, and some of them may feel like they are rings of fire.


But fear not, on July 12 at 10 AM PT, all your worries will be quelled. 


Erna Alfred Liousas, Featured Analyst at Forrester and Dayle Hall ( @DayleH ) , Senior Vice President of Marketing at Lithium will help you navigate through the Social Marketing Spectrum.


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We hope you join us for a lively discussion.

See you on Wednesday!