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Thoughts from an (Li) Intern: Mark Martinez

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Hello, Lithium Community!

Hope you all had an eventful, costume and candy-filled Halloween weekend. As we head into November and the beginning of Movember (btw, donate to Team Lithium), it's time for another Intern spotlight!

In this blog series, we'll get you up close and personal to the interns who changed the face of Lithium one summer not too long ago...


Meet Mark Martinez.


Internship Position: Strategic Services


College / University: UC Berkeley


Major: Statistics


How did you find out about Lithium and what made you interested to join?
I was cruising through job posts on LinkedIn and found Lithium. I checked out the website, Glassdoor, some YouTube videos and I got the impression that this company was vibrant, they had a vision.

What was your first impression of Lithium once you joined?
It was great because everyone was so welcoming. You could just tell that everyone was giving good vibes, and that was cool. The introduction to the company as an intern was great too.


What was the most exciting part of your internship?
The most exciting was giving a presentation to a client on an analysis I had done on their community. That was cool because I'd never done a professional presentation. At school, in front a bunch of students, it just seems fake. This was real. It makes you feel like you're actually providing value.

Who has been the most influential person during your internship?
@JeffreyS, for sure. He's been a great manager. I noticed in the beginning when I was super confused because I was still learning a lot, every time I asked for help, he spoke to me in the same tone. He never sounded heightened or irritated, and that never changed. It wasn't baby talk either.

Most memorable meal at Lithium?
Man, we had a taco bar one day and that was awesome.

One word to describe how you're feeling right now (on your last day)?

Sad. Sad that I'm leaving, but grateful because this experience has taught me a lot and is setting me up for my career.



Thanks for reading! Tune in next month for another rendition of Thoughts from an (Li) Intern.

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