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Top 20 Social Network Sites

Lithium Alumni (Retired)
wikipedialogoAmong the 1,542,612 English-language pages of Wikipedia is a list of "notable social networking sites." Usefully, this list includes the most recent published data for the number of registered users in each network.
Just for fun, I sorted the list by size. Here, in descending order, are the top 20 social networking sites based on this data:
1. MySpace [130,000,000]
2. Hi5 [50,000,000]
3. Xanga [40,000,000]
4. [40,000,000]
5. Orkut [33,729,146]
6. Windows Live Spaces [30,000,000]
7. Friendster [29,100,000]
8. [25,000,000]
9. Bebo [22,000,000]
10. [18,000,000]
11. Cyworld [15,000,000]
12. Facebook [12,000,000]
13. LiveJournal [10,921,263]
14. Piczo [10,000,000]
15. LinkedIn [8,500,000]
16. WAYN [7,000,000]
17. Care2 [6,600,000]
18. Faceparty [5,900,000]
19. Mixi [5,000,000]
20. Gaia Online [5,000,000]
The full list of 76 sites is here.  I have no idea how accurate the data is -- most of it is self-reported -- but if you're looking to anatomize social networking sites to come up with ideas for your own community or network, this list isn't a bad place to start.

Message Edited by JoeCo on 12-21-2006 07:53 AM
Interesting rating. I had a different idea of such sites popularity. Probably because i use some of them and dislike others.

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i thought ps4insider had a larger one?


The Facebook number seems way low, I thought they had over 100 million users.


Keith, I think those numbers are from 2006.

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Well Facebook is the most famous social networking site of t he yesteryear which is being taken over by Google +. Nice reading this article which i found on google.

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Where and when was this data established please specify

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facebook has over 900million users :L