Webcast Recap: Your Social Strategy Has Gaps… Close Them Now!

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Brands of every size, in every region and across every industry are committed to engaging with their customers. If they don’t, their competitors will. The trick is that you’ve got to divide your attention across Facebook, Twitter and whichever social channels your customers chose whenever they chose. To be successful you’ve got to thoughtfully plan and execute your strategy. The problem is that social strategies require time... a lot of time. Most of that time is spent in multiple applications planning and scheduling Tweets, Facebook posts, etc., etc.


What if you could use one tool to streamline social planning, listening and responding? Better yet, what if that one tool could allow you to post across your social channels, and proactively suggest when the best time and date to launch your new social campaign? With Lithium Reach you can do this and so much more.




Here’s what we learned from the webcast…

  • Lithium Reach was designed to allow you to connect with customers across social channels, blogs, and branded communities.
  • Simplicity at scale: Reach saves marketers time with an easy user-interface for content creation and planning.
  • Reach’s machine learning technology empowers you to deliver the right content at precisely the right moment to increase engagement
  • Marketing and support work collaboratively in one tool. This increases visibility across multiple teams, resulting in an improved customer experience and, ultimately, greater loyalty and lifetime value




Want to know more? Nate Elliott's new research paper “The Social Marketing Paradox” clearly outlines the challenges that standalone tools present to social media marketers and community managers. They’re incredibly time intensive to use and don’t efficiently allow you to plan, schedule and execute your social strategy. @KatyK shared her perspective on the need for a simple to use social strategy tool. @BrianF shared a step-by-step demo into how to use Lithium Reach and @darrenianjones shared his experience using Reach. You can view the webcast on-demand below and you can download the PDF version of the slides, too.


Watch the recording here!


This is just the beginning. The conversation continues right here in the community.


I’ll kick it off by asking a question. How much time does it currently take you to plan and execute a new social media campaign? Answer in the comments below! In addition, if you have any questions for Nate, Katy, Brian or Darren, please ask them here and join the conversation.