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Webcast: #Winning with Digital Customer Experience

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Thursday, October 1st - 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET


We hope you can join us for our upcoming webcast, “5 Ways to Win with Digital Customer Experience – the New Battleground for Your Business.” We know it’s a topic that companies are vitally interested in regardless of their industry, as cited in a recent survey conducted by Nielsen/Harris Poll on Lithium’s behalf.


In the spirit of #winning, we challenge you all to participate in our registration contest!





The 100th person to register will win a  Sony Walkman 4 GB Waterproof Sports MP3 Player 




The 200th person to register will win a  Boombotix Boombot REX Wireless Ultraportable Weatherproof Bluetooth Speaker for iPods, Smartphones, Tablets, and Laptops




Winners will be announced live during the webcast, so make sure to attend for your chance to claim your prize!


If you attended this year’s LiNC, then you heard everyone from our CEO @RobT to customers and analysts talk about what has emerged as the next customer experience: Total Community.


Aside from that, why do we feel so strongly about Total Community? Because it addresses an area that business leaders overwhelmingly feel is the next battlefield on the customer experience front – 89% of brands will mostly compete on customer experience, according to a 2015 Gartner study.


But what is a Total Community Strategy? The simplest description is that Total Community connects digital conversations from branded communities and third-party websites and in doing so builds trust between brands and people, while delivering real business results. But, it’s much more than that as you’ll learn if you’re able to attend the webcast and hear from our Chief Community Officer Joe Cothrel (@JoeC) and MicroStrategy's VP, Customer Succes Operations (and Lithium Community Hero) Jaime Perez (@jaimealberto).


In the meantime, here’s a quick visual overview to further pique your interest: