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Miller-Lite asks you to pledge for a safer ride home

With football season in full-swing, Miller- Lite wants to make sure you make it home safely. They are doing a month long marketing campaign during October to encourage people to make a pledge to never drink and drive. The pledge states, “I pledge to always use a designated driver or take a cab, bus or train. I hold the key to responsibility.” Each person who visits their site and makes the pledge is entered for a chance to win a Ford-F150®. It is great to see Miller-Lite promoting safety and discouraging drunk driving.


Subway cleverly draws inspiration from fitness craze to promote new menu

In one of Subway’s newest ads, they do a spoof on CrossFit to market their new Fresh Fit menu. They are launching several healthy sandwiches for fall and turned to the massive fitness craze, CrossFit, for their inspiration. We love that they tapped into an existing fitness community to help them do what they already love — get healthyWell done, Subway!

Honda wishes you a “Happy Name Your Car Day”

On Happy Name Your Car Day Honda wanted to celebrate you and your car. They launched a one day Twitter campaign asking people to tweet the names of their cars, and in return they were given a customized Honda keychain. Even though the campaign only lasted a day, you can still go on their website to create a name for your car if you don’t already have one. We are impressed that a 24 hour campaign could be so engaging.



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