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2020 Customer Awards: British Gas - Best-in-Class: Care

2020 Customer Awards: British Gas - Best-in-Class: Care


 Company: British Gas

Company background: British Gas is the UK’s leading energy and in-home servicing supplier, serving millions of homes across the country. It is an established brand within the Centrica family, having looked after the homes of Britain for over 200 years. It has a distinctive field force of 8,000 engineers.

Contact: Gemma Crask

Title: Digital Conversations - Channel Manager

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Kudos Category: Best-in-Class: Care

1. What were your organization’s digital customer service initiatives? What channels do you support today?
Khoros Care supports us in handling queries relating to Tweets, Facebook messages, Google play store and Apple app store reviews. Our aim is to deliver fast and efficient service to our customers regardless of which public platform they contact us via. 

2. What was the most important issue you were looking to solve via your digital technology (e.g. community and/or social media management platform) — and what makes your approach to that achievement unique?
The key aim for our social care service is to be able to deliver world class customer experience without the need to re-direct customers to another channel. Historically Social Media was predominantly for marketing teams and agent performance was barely focused on.

We utilised Khoros' tagging technology to help us evolve our customer experience. We've set up a number automatic tags which are applied to customers posts to ensuring the most effective productivity from our agents whilst prioritising the customers who need us the most.

Our team invested time with product coaching to learn as much as possible about the dashboards and analytics which are available to us. We've utilised monitor walls to share publicly in our contact centre spaces our performance and also shared dashboards for more of internal performance management view. Since implementing the analytics dashboards, we have grown in confidence with building these and can rapidly change them to fit the scenario we find ourselves in. Most recently, we required a "crisis dashboard" which allowed us to focus on customers with a set priority and the TAR we achieved for these individuals. 

We're keen to implement new features and often take part in early releases. To ensure our agents are as efficient as possible we use Push next and previously replied on claim next. We work closely with product teams within Khoros to provide our thoughts and feedback on how the platform can improve. 

Our Team Leaders optimise their teams by using the Agent KPI's as well as Manage View to intraday manage their teams as well working in tandem with our real time resourcing team to drive in day decisions. 

3. What 1-3 metrics best describe your success?

Agent Idle Time, TAR - P0-P1, Manual Tags


Ultimately the ability to view all of these metrics in one place to truly drive agent performance and customer experience has been key to achieving our goal