2020 Customer Awards: Videotron - Bottom Line Savings Rock Star

2020 Customer Awards: Videotron - Bottom Line Savings Rock Star




Company: Videotron

Company background: Videotron is a leading player in the telecommunications market in Canada. A wholly owned subsidiary of Quebecor Media Inc., Videotron is an integrated communications company engaged in cable television, interactive multimedia development, Internet access, cable telephone and wireless telephone services.

Contact: Julien Durand Burgoyne

Title: Senior manager social media and electronic communications

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Kudos Category: Bottom Line Savings Rock Star

1. Tell us how you are implementing Khoros’ digital engagement technologies (e.g. community and/or social media management) to meet your customer care business goals. Please highlight unique programs, technical upgrades and/or API usage to help reach these goals.
This year we implemented social verification in order for our social care agent to be able to handle conversations on the same level they would a live chat. We are now able to handle complex customer request over social keeping them in channel and in an asynchronous conversation.

2. How did the new technologies enable your business or organization to change?
Social verification allowed me to show the power of asynchronous customer care, and allowed me to properly build a business care to further transform our digital care approach. It resulted in a new portfolio of projects to completly transform our digital care.

3. What are your customer care and business results in quantifiable metrics? Include support savings metrics (e.g. cost savings, decreased response time, call deflection, reduced case escalations, increased agent productivity, optimizing campaigns, and efficiency with publishing and reporting).
The launch of social verification coincided with the start of the covid crisis. In 3 months we tripled our conversations handeled and responses made, while maitaining our SLA and being short staff due to covid-19. On top of that those conversations are now more complexe since we can ID our customer.

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