Lithys 2016: Leroy Merlin Espańa - Total Community All Star

Lithys 2016: Leroy Merlin Espańa - Total Community All Star

Untitled50.pngCompany: Leroy Merlin Espańa

Entry submitted by: Francisco Campos Dominguez (PacoCampos) Social Media Manager

Community: Comunidad Leroy Merlin

Lithy Category:  Total Community All Star


Leroy Merlin is the home improvement leader with +60 stores and has been in Spain for the last 25 years. Part of the ADEO Group, Leroy Merlin is the European home improvement retail leader.


The company culture of sharing, co-constructing and co-directing, is in the DNA of each "collaborator" and therefore Leroy Merlin Spain is a “community” in itself.


The Community: The heart of social evolution


The strategy was to "truly be social and not just seem social.”  This means that each "partner" should know the opportunities and concerns that the new environment poses in the company’s "mission" and every individual in the company is responsible to seize it. The option of trying to “seem social” in all the social activity in the marketing department was discarded.


Beyond our objectives with Total Community, you will find the promotion and support between clients encouraging self-learning DIY, decoration, etc. These existing activities provide the best user experience for our customers but also a relief in the workload of our employees in the brick and mortar stores. 


On the other hand, we obtained an increase in sales both indirectly in stores through workshops, tips/ideas shown in Bricopedia (Wikitips), and the Project Gallery. In addition, people can directly purchase in the online store by gathering all the materials required directly from the shared project in the community.


Finally, we achieve a greater commitment from our employees. They are getting to know the customers and their needs and discovering customers with a very high commitment when responding to complex questions, technical issues, or questions requiring advanced knowledge. 


Benefits of a Total Community

A Lithium community and LSW are very important to our social strategy of providing customers. LSW enables seamless engagement with our customers, allowing us to respond to their support requests on Facebook, Twitter, Instragram and our community that help us as source of relevant content creating sinergies between our social channels.

In the community you can buy some projects in one click. 

The UGC is integrated in Newsletters, brochures and guides welcome you to interact, visiting the webpage, participating in workshops or sharing your passion about homes in the community. Too, the best projects become the protagonist in the most popular TV program in the country. 


Social networks and Community build the "Social Ecosystem Leroy Merlin" with more that 3MM followers:

  • + 720.000 Followers in Facebook
  • +65.000 Followers in twitter
  • +63.000 suscriptors in youtube
  • +12.000 followers in pinterest and instagram.
  • +2MM users uniques in the Community
    • 32% Blogs
    • 21% Forum
    • 27% Projects (Ideas)
    • 18% Bricopedias (TKB)




To measure the success of the Community, Leroy Merlin focused on 3 main KPIs

  1. +2MM Number of visits: Whenever a client resolves a question by visiting the Community, the company saves hours of customer service in stores, improves brand image and increases commercial potential
  2. +23.000  Number of content generated: Whenever members of the Community generate content for free, the company saves the cost of producing marketing/corporate materials
  3. +20.000Number of visits to the store: Every time the Community drives a customer to visit the online store a sales opportunity is generated


leroy merin.jpg


You cant see it, but you can perceive that it is a company that listens its clients, that tries to help them and that wants to improve every day.




Great job!!  Great company !!


Ya habeis ganado, buen trabajo!!!


Animo buen resultado.


Enhorabuena por el proyecto, SIMPLEMENTE GENIAL !!!


Excelente trabajo!!!



Fantástico trabajo. ¡Enhorabuena!


A real Community!!!


Great Community Indeed!!!

La mejor compañía

Sois ganadores ! Gran EquipoWoman Wink