Lithys 2016: dtac - Social ROI Titan

Lithys 2016: dtac - Social ROI Titan

Untitled39.pngCompany: Total Access Communication PLC

Entry submitted by: Manida Thiensiripipat (AVP Online Strategy & Analytics)

Community: dtac Online Community

Lithy Category: Social ROI Titan


Total Access Communication Public Company Limited, commonly known as dtac, was established in 1989. It is the second largest mobile operator in Thailand. Telenor became a shareholder of dtac in 2001. dtac was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (the SET) on 22 June 2007 and became the only Thai company listed on both the Singapore Stock Exchange and the SET.


Our 2015 goals for Lithium-powered community implementation


We launched dtac online community in December 2014, so in 2015 our goals were to prove that having dtac online community can long-term gains and cost savings on service as documented in dtac business case (for budget approval for Lithium platform).


Our focus areas and tactics to meet our goals


Our primary focus were to ensure best user-journey and to increase members, super fans, engagement, useful content & solutions, and everything should be measureable.



Session comparison between C (community users) VS Not C who convert on online store.



Average Order Value comparison between C (Community Users) VS Not Community Users


One important tactics was analytics. We tracked user journey across platforms from online community to online store and vice versa. Moreover we created three segments between community users who convert, non-community users who convert, and all users who convert. We were able to prove conversation and content in community influenced purchase decisions of our customers resulting in transactions.


Moreover, we tracked average order value of community users and we found that they had an average order value (AOV) that was 60% higher than average.



(Translation: User “balke” asked “I just used internet for 15 days but now internet speed is throttled – can you help me solve this problem? I have to use internet for my work”

User “book2001” a soon-to-be-super-users replied: “I’d like to suggest you to use Super Non Stop package –you’ll get 10GB at only 499 baht here is the link (url) I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Moreover, if you don’t use it all up, you can save it for your next month usage)


Another tactic was when we cultivated super users and “dtac buddy” (volunteer employee) to build initial hype, solutions, and content. We educated and motivated them to embed links from dtac website and/or TKB when reply to posts. Some of these links led into online conversions (as shown in above screenshot).


Last tactic was convincing internal organization to utilize community on R&D before or during or after the products/service launch. So in the long run, we will get a more complete 360-degree view of customer database. Moreover these members became user and product promoter because they were involved in the product.


For example, we invited 10 super fans to beta test an internal application before launch in a private room in the community. We received many suggestions.



Our metrics


  1. Community influenced online purchase conversion worth = 47,705,323 baht ($1,357,009 USD)
  2. Average Order Value (AOV) of community users = 60% higher than average
  3. Cost savings on Service Calls = 14,262,800 baht ($405,719 USD). Through intense focus on increasing TKB and accepted solutions, we were able to save costs on service calls in 2015 (exceeding savings in business case). Our measurement was based on 30% of TKB views plus 100% of accepted solution plus 30% of accepted solutions views/cost per call.
  4. Feedback & suggestions from customers = more than 6,000 piece of feedback





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