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Lithys 2017: Comcast- Support Savings Titan

Lithys 2017: Comcast- Support Savings Titan

The Digital Care team at Comcast provided more than 3 million deflections and a company-wide savings of at least $15 million annually between April 2016 and April 2017. 




comcast.pngCompany: Comcast Digital Care                                                      

Entry submitted by: Alan Wilder (Sr. Manager, Communities)

Community: Xfinity Help & Support Forums

Twitter: comcastcares

Facebook: Xfinity

Facebook: Comcast

Lithy category:  Support Savings Titan


Comcast brings together the best in media and technology. We drive innovation to create the world's best entertainment and online experiences. We are at the forefront of change and move at an amazing pace, thanks to our remarkable people, who bring cutting-edge products and services to life for millions of customers every day. From our products to our people, we’re committed to delivering the best experience possible so our customers can do more and enjoy more of what they love.


Our social care objectives with Lithium

  • Set out to increase Solutions and Solution Views in 2016
  • Rebuilt Super-User program
  • Introduced responsively designed signatures for Super-Users and Official Employees
  • Began measuring success with Lithium Value Analytics surveys
  • Expand early warning system function through best-in-class technology
  • Cross-pollinate Community & Social touchpoints for optimal customer education

Staying true to the digital CX revolution

With customer experience fully baked into the Comcast lifestyle and becoming Comcast’s best product, the Digital Care team at Comcast stays true to the revolution. Last year, the company reported 22 million fewer customer service calls and volume increases of nearly 20% year-over-year in social care. To keep current with the shift in customer service inquiries to digital platforms, Digital Care committed to a staffing increase of 142% from 2015 to 2016, tripling the staff, and looks to continue expanding in 2017 with even more staffing. With representation nationwide and 24/7 bilingual operations, Comcast social care executes adapting internal and external hires into fully-functioning social care specialists in just 6 weeks utilizing the Approvals technology.


As we added Digital Care specialists to the mix, we’ve also added key business partnerships with the accessibility of Lithium's Dashboards & Expert Help for outside users. Using this technology, our customers have the most relevant information at their fingertips and our business partners have access to the fastest customer feedback they’ve ever had.




Driving the Digital Care team are the team’s use of tags with Lithium Social Media Management (SMM) for Service. From early warning monitoring to conversation routing, tags envelop the team’s Triage and Incident Management functions. The team utilizes more than 20 tag categories and 2,000 individual tags to support resolutions, NPS, author status, content categorization, and more. The addition of the Incident Management team has allowed for Digital Care to be the classifiers and communicators of incidents to internal stakeholders and customers for more than 75 incidents and events in 2016, including the Summer Olympics.


Customer issues often translate between both social properties and the Community. More often than not, incidents or product launches that are showcased in Lithium Social Intelligence realtime view appear soon after on social media. With this knowledge, the Digital Care team has mitigated and reported several incidents before the company became aware. This leads to faster response times and resolutions and provides the ultimate customer experience.




Our results


The Xfinity Help & Support Forums, another channel supported by the Digital Care team at Comcast, in and of itself provided more than 3 million deflections and a company-wide savings of at least $15 million annually between April 2016 and April 2017.  In 2016 the team responsible for our community set out to increase Solution Views (and subsequently Call Deflections). One of the areas we focused on to achieve this was to rebuild our Super-User program. The team identified success metrics (such as Solutions, Solutions Approved, Minutes Online, Responses and others) to understand the existing baselines. Our Community Manager formed a direct partnership with some existing Super-Users and began building relationships with some of our more active users that weren’t previously included in our Super-User group. We hosted monthly video conferences with the group, began sharing upcoming releases with on their own private section in the community and helped them feel a part of the larger process of our community that had been absent previously. We also introduced some visual queues to help teach the wider community best practices (like marking a solution). We added new responsively-designed signatures (over 56% of our traffic is using mobile or tablet devices) for all Super-Users and our Official Employees who assist in our Forums. Through these efforts we raised our Solution views 52% year over year (over 12M total in 2016).Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 10.09.27 AM.png


Using the Lithium Value Analytics survey we were able to measure the number of customers who found the answer they were looking for and avoided the need to call in or contact us through another channel. We’ve always known our forums drive tremendous opportunity to reduce customer effort and provide a solution, we’re extremely proud of the increases in Solutions accepted, Solution views and the great detail our re-engaged Super-Users are providing across our Help & Support community. Comcast has invested in the internal team that supports Community from both the strategy side and the operations side. We look forward to continuing to make our Forum a best in class site with relevant information that allow our customers the chance to find what they’re looking for as easily as possible.


Along with the expansion, the team has been able to maintain reduced response times and increase in-channel resolutions and first contact resolutions. Using a combination of increased and smarter staffing, routing out irrelevant content, and incorporating real-time queue management analysis, the team has worked to reduce response times by more than 64% and keeping resolutions 99% in-channel. The customers are noticing too. Since implementing the NPS process within Lithium in 2015, we’ve seen year-over-year increases of our in-channel NPS results of nearly 30%. Also, negative customer experiences are converted nearly 85% of the time when engaged by the Digital Care team.