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Lithys 2017: Constant Contact- Support Savings Titan

Lithys 2017: Constant Contact- Support Savings Titan

At Constant Contact the customer is first, always. We provide award-winning support by being available online and creating content to help answer top questions.


Company:  Constant Contact 

Entry submitted by:  Samantha O’Connor (Community Manager)logo2.png

Community/social channels: 

Lithy category:  Support Savings Titan


Customer care business goals

“Engaging with our Customers is a critical part of our success formula. Our Community provides a key channel for our Customers to give us feedback while connecting with each other.”  -David McCann, VP Customer Operations, Constant Contact


At Constant Contact the customer is first, always. We provide award-winning support by being available online and creating content to help answer top questions. Our Community and Social media teams work with departments across the organization to help spread the word about new features, volume drivers to support, and give customers helpful and insightful answers to their questions.


Customer care organization

There’s a reason why Constant Contact’s customer service team’s customer satisfaction scores are consistently 97% or higher, the company’s Net Promoter Score for 2016 was 65 and its customer retention rate is 97.8%. This is a team that is passionately dedicated to ensuring small business owners and nonprofits are successful with email marketing and it shows in every customer interaction.


We use a unique staffing model that is flexible, scalable and cost efficient. We have tapped into our Tier 1 support specialists have dedicated time daily to help staff front-line support on Community and Social media.


The specialists report what is happening on Community and Social media back to their teams and promote great Community content that their teammates can send to customers after a chat or phone interaction.


Example: We heard that customers often had question around Social media marketing and how to get started. In response, we built a “Social Media” resource board on Community where customers can go to learn how to get started.


Directing customers to resources on community has a couple of benefits: The customer is presented with our best, most thorough resources while allowing our support specialist to move on to the next incoming call.

Example: We filtered support for All Stars to the Community by directing them to easy-to-find solutions to their top questions. This helped to alleviate traffic to the regular phone/chat/email channels. It also helped us to try to cultivate a better relationship with these customers.



Our Community and Social media team work with teams across the organization to ensure customers can find the answers they need without having to engage in a 1:1 support interaction. We create content around the high-volume drivers to support and when we create answers, we also try to anticipate the customer’s next step and ensure we give them a comprehensive answer.


The results

We decreased our response time on Community by 11% in the past six months. To calculate support savings, we used 8 months’ worth of Value Analytics data.



  • 2016 savings conservatively is $1,650,000
  • Generously it is $2,140,000
  • Q1 2017 savings conservatively are $510,000
  • Generously it is $665,000
  • We are on target to increase our savings by 24% in 2017


  • Conservative – only including people that specifically said they were coming to community looking for support or help.
  • Generous – adding in people who answered that they were looking for information to help them use a product or service.
  • Then we average out people who said that they actually got their answer.