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Lithys 2017: Fido Solutions Inc. - Surprise & Delight

Lithys 2017: Fido Solutions Inc. - Surprise & Delight

Founded in 1996, Fido turned 20 years old (which as we all know is 96 years old in dog years). It was like Christmas, except with a Fido birthday twist.




FIdoteaser.pngCompany: Fido Solutions Inc.                                                                

Entry submitted by: Caroline Lalonde (Senior Manager, Community & Social Media)

Community: The Fido Community



Lithy category: Surprise & Delight


Digital customer experience has been a growing focus for years, as it supports our ‘low touch no touch’ contact strategy. Fido’s mission is to connect people and give them the tools to do what they love. That’s why wherever our customers are looking for help online, we’re there. From public/ private chats on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, on third-party forums or our own Community, we offer a consistent and reliable customer experience.


Last year was a special year for Fido. Founded in 1996, Fido turned 20 years old (which as we all know is 96 years old in dog years).


We celebrated our anniversary with a series of events and contests. The campaign, Fido20, turned out to be one of our most successful campaigns in recent memory. 


Surprise and Delight 1.png

The celebrations began with the Fido20 Mobile Tour across Canada. Fido representatives travelled from town to town in the Fido20 Airstream handing out swag and sweets to everyone on the way. Canadians also had the opportunity to spin-the-wheel for a chance to win awesome prizes. It was like Christmas, except with a Fido birthday twist.


Surprise and Delight 2.png

 Campaign Objectives:

  • Promote Fido’s 20th anniversary on a cross-Canada journey to spoil the public, and generate compelling content through social platforms
  • Surprise and delight existing customers through unique stunts
  • Attract and engage potential customers through special offers 

Surprise and Delight 3.png


Winters in Canada…eh?

On December 4th, The Fido20 Airstream and crew were in Edmonton, Alberta giving out swag and cupcakes. Unfortunately, the weather rapidly deteriorated (gotta love Canadian winters…) causing fear that there would be damage to the van. So the Fido20 Tour crew had no choice but to pack up and continue with the trip.


Little did we know, a loyal and long-time Fido customer was driving to meet us. We were told, he drove an hour to come see the van and the cool setup but by the time he arrived, we had already left.


A little disappointed, our customer decided to reach out to us on social media. He asked us why we weren’t at the Edmonton location when we said we would be (times and locations of the Fido20 Mobile Tour were advertised on social media). We apologized and explained to him why we had left early. But that wasn’t enough; we like to wow our customers. In collaboration with our Brand team and the Fido20 Mobile Tour crew, our social media specialists brainstormed a way to make it up to this customer.


The next day, we asked him for his address and when he would be home. He answered our questions, but was curious why we wanted this information. We remained vague to not spoil the surprise.


A Day to Remember

The next day, our Fido20 Tour crew arrived at his residence in theFido20 Airstream.


Our beloved customer was not only super surprised, he played Spin-the-Wheel and won a new smartphone! How perfect was that!


We also gave him a few cupcakes, because we all know a proper birthday celebration isn’t complete without sweets!

We would love to share his reaction on social media, but it was unfortunately sent to us via Private Message and is therefore confidential. What we can say however, is that he was very surprised and delighted.


Luckily we were able to capture the moment. 


Surprise and Delight 4.png


None of this would have been possible without our presence on social media, and the collaboration between departments to share resources and ideas on how to reach new levels of customer engagement.