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Lithys 2017: Orange Poland - Digital Design Excellence

Lithys 2017: Orange Poland - Digital Design Excellence

Our main goal is to help customers identify purpose of their visit no matter what device they uses. As one of the first communities, we provided versions available on mobile devices to our Orange RWD users.



orange.pngCompany:  Orange Poland                                                           

Entry submitted by: Remigiusz Franek, Piotr Malżycki (Community Managers)

Community: Orange Poland 

Facebook: orangepolska

Twitter: Orange_polska

Youtube: orangepolska

Lithy category:  Digital Design Excellence


Orange Polska is Poland’s leading telecommunication provider, operating in all segments of the Polish telecom market. Orange Polska had over 23 million customers of different services (mobile, fixed voice, broadband, TV) at the end of 2015).  We achieved revenue of 11.8 billion PLN, EBITDA margin at 29.7% and organic cash flows of 952 million PLN at the end of 2015. We own the largest technical infrastructure in Poland supporting our key operations.


Our digital goals 

From strategic point of view, we would like to increase digital contact rate by encouraging customers to choose digital channels rather than traditional ones such as contact centers or point of sales.


Our main goal is to help customers identify purpose of their visit no matter what device they uses. As one of the first communities, we provided versions available on mobile devices to our Orange RWD users.



We are constantly working on creating your experience, whether it is on Nasz Orange: asking a question, finding an answer, helping others or reading Orange news.


Since the beginning of the Community, we have focused on working with external and internal users. It was a matter of building awareness and brand recognition, which began to bring effects confirmed by statistics.


Conducting dialogue with users allowed us to carry out the following actions:

  • Nasz Orange Community name - was chosen as part of a staff competition,
  • Nasz Orange slogan was chosen by one of the super users during the contest,
  • Nasz Orange video was recorded based on interview with one of our Customer,
  • proposed graphic designs of the gamification were reviewed by Super Users (Orange Heroes) ,
  • Each user is especially valuable to us, so we celebrate with them important events such as wedding, 70th birthday, weddings, etc.

Community Nasz Orange is one of several tools to help you with your customer service. The advanced interface of this contact channel allows us to integrate it with the rest of the solution, giving synergies that provide a consistent customer experience.


Our unique design elements 

What makes Nasz Orange unique is real/authentic dialogue with our users.


We are constantly collecting and analyzing feedback from our customers, trying to draw valuable suggestions. The element implemented on Nasz Orange, which is worth a closer look is the extensive gamification mechanism that is constantly being improved.


We are proud of what we have achieved by remembering that all the gamification isbuilt on custom components.

It is significant that Orange Heroes (Super Users) took part in the process of working on gamification, which also contributes to our business goals

Gamification example:  




The feedback provided by them allowed us to look at the project from a different perspective, with the eyes of everyday users using Nasz Orange.


Short movie about changes


New profile look:


2.png RWD – new profile look:





3 types of badges – we built mechanics easily by adding new badges in three types, superbadges, trophies, common:





How we executed our design

At this moment, our project team consists of 9 people, which allows us to share tasks appropriately depending on our competencies/skills.


When working on the development of Nasz Orange, we also supported Orange Heroes - the heart of our community.

We often consult them on various topics. We assume that the best users know their needs - and we already have almost 11k.

When looking at this picture, do you recognize the gamifications presented above? 🙂Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 6.42.46 PM.png


That is how we work: teamwork, agile (kanban) and we get a lot of fun. We analyze every post, idea or comment of our users left in the survey. We test, change and continue to improve Nasz Orange by providing news to our users, everything based on the idea of "mobile first".


Recently, for example, we have changed the rankings on the home page, creating them all over again:


If you are in the ranking, you can easily check your position 😉


We seta goal to bring more functionality to our users every week and we deliver on the promise of interacting with agility.


We are after the first meeting with Orange Heroes where we worked together, shoulder to shoulder on the concept of the new homepage and ideas that we will launch soon and which will be another milestone for Nasz Orange.


Our design excellence results7.png

Our main goal for this year is to triple the number of unique visitors at the end of the year to ~600k while maintaining a Success Rate of ~ 80%.


Very helpful in achieving this goal will be launching Orange Ideas and Orange Heroes program. We plan to launch the implementation until the end of Q2.




Orange Heroes - the heart of our community 🙂

Set of Orange Heroes from Poland Smiley Very Happy

Love the badge and avatar designs 😛

Super No

Orange Heroes - the heart of our community.Smiley Very Happy


Super !

powodzenia 🙂

Great team - great job!


Please check our NEW MOBILE DRIVEN DESIGN launched few days ago ...

I really LOVE it 🙂


Zrzut ekranu 2017-06-09 o 21.25.08.png