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Lithys 2017: Rogers - Social Support Champion

Lithys 2017: Rogers - Social Support Champion

Building on our successful launch of service on Facebook Messenger, in another global first, Rogers was the official Canadian launch partner of Twitter's new business support features in September 2016. 




Company:  Rogers

Entry submitted by: Margaret Tsuji (Senior Manager, Social Media Support)

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Lithy category:  Social Support Champion



Social Customer Service Initiatives in 2016-2017

Building on our successful launch of service on Facebook Messenger, in another global first, Rogers was the official Canadian launch partner of Twitter's new business support features in September 2016. 


                Rogers 1B.pngRogers 2B.png

Giving customers a new, hyper-convenient way of contacting us resulted in international recognition by Deloitte, Harvard Business Review and Mary Meeker, to name a few. 


Rogers 3B.PNG

In 2016, we saw a 3-4x growth in volume in our social media support channels.  Lithium Social Media Management (SMM) for Service has allowed us to seamlessly and efficiently respond to support requests on Facebook and Twitter, resulting in an average response time of 15 minutes or less.  SMM for Service has also helped us better understand our volume and traffic patterns so we can make operational changes to better serve our customers.  In order to support the increase in customer demand for service over social channels, we drastically increased the size of the team throughout 2016 and were able to rely on the scalability of SMM for Service to do so. 


Furthermore, we made our inaugural foray into support for small business by responding on our Facebook and Twitter pages dedicated to our small business customers.  This is a key area of growth and we will be expanding our scope of support in 2017/2018.


With all of this growth, we have heavily leveraged SMM for Service by utilizing Dashboards and Smartviews to slice and dice the data needed to make operational decisions such as forecasting and scheduling.  We’ve also created Monitor Walls for our executives and Workforce teams.  The Monitor Walls allow others in the company to see exactly what customers are talking about and gives us the ability to alert appropriate teams when issues begin trending.  The Analytics function within SMM for Service allows us to provide meaningful information to numerous cross-functional groups on a real-time basis in order to continuously improve the customer experience.


Approach to Customer Satisfaction

We are relentlessly working to deliver a world-class customer experience in social media support at Rogers. We adapted support models so customers can get service on the social platforms where they already spend time. From Deepak Khandelwal, Chief Customer Officer, Rogers:  “Our customers are busy and their time is valuable, so we want to make it easy to do business with us no matter where and how they choose to get in touch.” 


We have been fortunate enough to connect with amazing brands around the world.  In our regular best-practice sharing meetings, we’ve come to realize that social support does not mean the same thing everywhere else.   From our conversations, we’ve learned that we are the only telco offering fully secure authentication IN CHANNEL.  Rogers authentication technology uses bank-level encryption and leaves no identifying data on a Facebook or Twitter.  While other practitioners provide minimal account-level servicing in channel (and tend to move customers to a live chat), we are a one-stop shop for absolutely any and all customer service issues on Facebook and Twitter.  Furthermore, we have universal agents within our team to support our one-stop shop model.  There is no need to escalate to a manager or a tier 2 technical support team; we do it all.  Our team is empowered and enabled to provide best-in-class customer service whether it’s processing a hardware upgrade for a wireless device or rolling a truck to deal with a cable issue.  And, in the spirit of continuous improvement, we’ve deployed a fully customized quality program working collaboratively with our partners in Quality Assurance at Rogers. 


We’ve extended our scope of support to the Rogers Community Forums where our universal agents provide one-stop shop assistance to customers in private messaging.  And, we’re now actively monitoring and responding to customers in 3rd party forums such as HowardForums, DSL Reports and Google Play reviews.



Our innovations with social media support have resulted numerous successes such as:

  • a 65% increase in customer satisfaction – highest across all customer contact channels
  • a dramatic 65% drop in customer complaints to the CCTS - the best improvement amongst major providers in Canada
  • a 67% decrease in customer response time
  • First time resolution rates are the highest across all customer contact channels
  • Lowest transfer rates in the company