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Lithys 2017: Sprint- Digital CX All-Star

Lithys 2017: Sprint- Digital CX All-Star

 Knowing the value of a healthy community, we decided to move 10 years of data to Lithium, in 6 weeks. Six weeks, 10M posts, 3.2M members.




Sprint logo- resized FINAL.pngCompany:  Sprint  

Entry submitted by: Allison Fasching, Brien Hall, Christy Wolf (Social Strategy, Community & Engagement Managers)

Community: Sprint Community, Boost Mobile Community, Virgin Mobile US Community

Lithy category:  Digital CX All-Star


Sprint Corporation is the fourth largest telecommunications company in the U.S. with over 60 million customers; we have wireless service in more than 200 destinations around world.  Sprint offers wireless voice, messaging, and broadband services through its various subsidiaries under the Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, and Assurance Wireless brands, and wholesale access to its wireless networks to mobile virtual network operators.


Our digital customer experience


After the success of launching our prepaid brands on the Lithium Community platform, we looked at our Sprint Community. It was a 10 year old internally hosted community, built on a non-Lithium platform. It was desperately in need of an upgrade, from both a visual and technical perspective. Customer experience challenges were driving customers away, and it was without a Community manager. Knowing the value of a healthy community, we decided to move 10 years of data to Lithium, in 6 weeks, 10M posts, 3.2M members. Did I mention it took only 6 weeks? Unbelievable! 


Our initial design had minimal UX changes; we were focused on quickly getting the community to a state of usability. After the first week the customer feedback was amazing, and in 3 months we had almost doubled users with 760K/Mo. During this time we worked with the Lithium strategy, design & implementation teams to improve on the initial design.  Our focus was on surfacing relevant content for the users, and ease of use.  The new design was implemented in less than 4 weeks!


The pre-Lithium community:



















NEW Lithium-powered community:

Sprint Lithium Homepage- NEW.PNG




















The new Community has been a success not only with our users, but also with our executives and employees. Easy to find relevant content on every page, robust yet still simple enough not to overwhelm users with too much content on a single page.


In addition to the community user experience, we also began using the Lithium Social Response tool for our Community agents.  Our agents had been responding natively in the Community but it was hard for them to find the right questions to be focusing on.  With the introduction of LSR, they were able to quickly and easily get access to conversations, which had been filtered and routed based on priority. We quickly improved the number of conversations they were engaged in- by 163% since launch.   Overall the entirety of changes has made a huge impact on our now happier Customers!


The benefits of having both a community and a social media management platform


The ability to quickly and easily respond to customers allows us to focus much more on the content and messaging to our customers. We are beginning to create and curate content based on LSI data, in conjunction with our SEO strategy, to quickly get our community content search results on the first page of Google. This gives us an opportunity to quickly serve custom content to our customers, not only to solve issues, but to inform them about new features and apps to help them self-serve.


Our digital CX results


  • Boost & Virgin Communities, launched at 200% over target and are seeing a 32% increase in call deflection with 200K users per month.
  • For Sprint Community, we set a target of 747K new users per month in the first year. We met that goal in 3 months and we continue to move the needle upwards.
  • Accepted Solutions have increased by 175%, page views are over 3M per month
  • Blog readership has increased by 200%
  • Call deflection for all communities: we have realized ~$3M deflection