Lithys 2018: (ISC)² - Digital All-Star

Lithys 2018: (ISC)² - Digital All-Star

Company: (ISC)²

Company background: (ISC)² is an international nonprofit membership association focused on inspiring a safe and secure cyber world. Best known for the acclaimed Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP®) certification, (ISC)² offers a portfolio of credentials that are part of a holistic, pragmatic approach to security. Our membership, over 138,000 strong, is made up of certified cyber, information, software and infrastructure security professionals who are making a difference and helping to advance the industry. Our vision is supported by our commitment to educate and reach the general public through our charitable foundation – The Center for Cyber Safety and Education™. For more information on (ISC)², visit

Contact: Samantha O'Connor

Title: Online Community Manager

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Lithy category: Digital All-Star

1. Tell us about your digital customer experience: When and why did digital CX become a focus and priority for your organization and what technology(ies) did you decide to implement to help you, and what problem(s) does it help solve?
Community promotions center around benefits of membership.Community promotions center around benefits of membership.Digital CX is at the center of our Community and more largely, our organization. The experience we are striving for is the heart and soul of communities in general, and a deep-seated core value in the (ISC)² organization – enriching our membership. Through our Community, we help foster relationships and enrich the member experience overall. We strive to connect not only members of our organization, but individuals of the larger cybersecurity profession by collaborating, sharing knowledge, and developing best practices. With the (ISC)² Community, we are working every day to increase engaging interactions, enhance the content generated among cybersecurity professionals and enthusiasts, and create a globally connected network for all to enjoy.


We routinely listen to feedback and specific requests for improvement in the Community. By being aware of these conversations, we are able to provide a better space for our Community members by creating new boards and features, following up on feedback from a Value Analytics survey, and engaging with users about their needs. Since the inception of our Community, we have created three new public boards based on external feedback, including one new board from internal feedback; renamed a board for clarification; created three private boards for special programs; created three private groups; and completed one large re-organization, which created a new top-level category and a second smaller one that impacted those who were a part of one of our private areas. For a community that has just celebrated its 10-month anniversary, we are working to constantly innovate and improve the visitor experience.




2. What are the benefits of having both a community and a social media management platform for your organization? How does it improve your strategy for digital customer engagement?
By having a combined strategy across all digital touchpoints, our organization has clear goals for all teams that impact the customer experience.  Our Social team and Community team work together regularly to promote the Community, talk about trends, calibrate our shared goals, and discuss plans to further align and collaborate. Outside of the regular digital touchpoints, we work closely with our Member Services team who interacts with members and prospects daily. This team assists Community members with support-focused questions, helps raise Community issues to the appropriate contacts within the organization, and discusses Community activities within their group to create a cohesive strategy for Community promotion in the traditional one-to-one touchpoints.

The relationships among our teams throughout the company have served to strengthen the total Community user experience. By developing a united team behind the Community and the organization at large, the experience from one user to another, or one touchpoint to another, is consistent. Users receive the answer(s) they need, the resources to help them, and ultimately an amazing customer experience!

3. What are your digital results? Please provide your business outcomes and results because of your digital customer experience approach in quantifiable metrics (e.g. revenue, Net Promoter Score, cost savings).

Early Adopter BadgeEarly Adopter BadgeWe are seeing results in our metrics that prove the digital customer experience is helping to create lasting relationships with our Community. Here are a few examples: Average session time in the Community has increased month over month by 4%, total users visiting the Community is increasing at a rate of 5.1% per month, and in October during our “Early Adopter” promotional badge campaign, we had over 9,000 registrations in just one week!



From a recent Value Analytics survey, we are also seeing that 72% of people are finding what they look for on the Community! We are in the early stages of calculating overall savings from the Community, as this is a relatively new initiative in our organization. However, looking at the first half of 2018 compared with 2017’s numbers, we are under our forecasted numbers for our phone channel in 2018. This can be attributed to many things; however, we believe that the Community played a large part in the reduction in phone calls. We had seen many users post support-related questions throughout various boards in the Community. After seeing this confusion about where to post these support-focused conversations, we created a dedicated board for “Customer Support” to more clearly indicate where users could obtain support through the Community and where they should post.

Outside of these metrics, we’re also learning about Community user satisfaction and receiving comments like: “Thank you, the Community is fun and informative.”; “I feel confident that (ISC)² is concerned about my improvement in the field of Information Security and is expanding the opportunities to learn from each other.”; “Thanks for creating the Community. I think it is a terrific service to the (ISC)² community.”; and “Keep up the great work. BIG LOVE.” 


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