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Lithys 2018: TalkTalk - Support Savings Titan

Lithys 2018: TalkTalk - Support Savings Titan

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Company: TalkTalk

Company background: TalkTalk is the UK’s leading value for money connectivity provider. We believe that simple, affordable, reliable and fair connectivity should be available to everyone. Since entering the market in the early 2000s, we have a proud history as an innovative challenger brand. Today, we provide landline, broadband, TV and mobile services to over four million customers. We operate Britain’s biggest unbundled broadband network, covering 96% of the population, supplying services to consumers through the TalkTalk brand, to businesses through TalkTalk Business, and by wholesaling to resellers.

Contact: Stephen Fell
Title: Digital Service Manager
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Lithy category: Support Savings Titan 

Digital a real priority
At TalkTalk, digital is an integral and growing part of our support strategy. Last year we made a significant investment in the community with a redesign and over the past 12 months, our plan to shift telephony-based contacts into digital channels has remained the same, as we challenge ourselves to deliver simpler and better online support for our customers which maximizes contact deflection and scalability.

Our 2016 community redesign gave us an amazing community that performed well however we still had several other online touch points where a customer could self-help, some of which didn’t even provide a mobile optimised experience and it became increasingly obvious that our customers didn’t always know where to go to get help and often completely lost amongst the vast amounts of content and sites we offered.

The objective was clear! Reduce the number of online touch points a customer could encounter whilst delivering a single, easy to use and mobile friendly site. This also had to reduce our technical dependency of maintaining on-premise infrastructure and two CMS technologies




Saying adios to Drupal & on-premise servers n code
Our responsive Lithium community provided a perfect foundation for us to build out even more functionality which would enable us to host different types of content, tools and support an even wider audience.

Following a robust and lengthy platform review, the decision was made to move away from Drupal, the incumbent CMS powering our help and contact us site, ditch our onsite servers and move everything to the cloud within our community.

Several months were spent prototyping mock-ups of different designs for our newly envisaged site which was taken to focus groups, these groups included our own customers but also customers of other service providers. The objective here was quite simply, find the best way to display the many different types of content together, in a way that had the least cognitive load on the customer to self-serve. The new and improved community was born.



It’s all about the numbers.
Through combining these three websites onto the Lithium platform, we’ve been able to better leverage the amazing tools and functionality built on the platform to help drive growth, increased deflection and placing even more of a strategic focus on the community as a key and leading enabler of our digital strategy.

Combining our greater SEO reach, reduced technology complexity managing multiple sites, cost and infrastructure along with a greater contact deflection we’ll be able to realise an annualised benefit of 6.3 million pounds with our new and improved Help & Support site built on the Lithium platform.