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Lithys 2018: Tealium - Support Savings Titan

Lithys 2018: Tealium - Support Savings Titan

Company: Tealium  

Company background:

Tealium is the leader in real-time unified marketing solutions, helping brands seamlessly integrate their siloed applications and data, and drive more profitable interactions across all digital touchpoints. Tealium’s open real-time Universal Data Hub (UDH) is a platform that enables digital marketers, data and analytics, and IT the ability to manage, govern, enrich, activate, and own their overarching corporate data strategy, reducing chaos and building better customer experiences.

Founded in 2008, Tealium is the most trusted vendor in its space and its award-winning solutions are used by hundreds of global enterprises, including, T-Mobile, Microsoft, HP, Uber, Facebook, Kimberly-Clark, LDS Church, Petco, American Airlines, Priceline, Univision, Orange, Sony, and many others.

Contact: Kathleen Jo

Title: Community Manager

Related URLs: Tealium Learning Community

Lithy category: Support Savings Titan

1. Tell us how you are implementing digital technologies (e.g. community and/or social media management) for social care to meet your customer care business goals. Please highlight unique programs, technical upgrades and/or API usage to help reach these goals.

Tealium implemented the Lithium community solution for customer care support in 2015.

The Problem: Customer care business goals were not set for the Tealium Learning Community (TLC) at large. So one of the challenges for the Community Manager of Tealium, Kathleen Jo, was to set return on investment (ROI) business goals for the organization while simultaneously educating her Team Tealium on how Community creates this ROI. In addition, individuals needed to be given credit for the incredible amount of work that they poured into the Community each and every single day.

The Solution: An awards ceremony “The Tealies” was born. This unique program/ceremony would not only educate Team Tealium on the ROI that the Tealium Learning Community brings, but it would also honor individuals with trophies in the following categories:

  • The Documentor - This employee updates and creates valuable public-facing documentation.
  • The Resourcer - This employee uses TLC as a sales tool by referring prospects to the wealth of information available.
  • The Submitter - This employee submits suggestions for improving our official documentation, making sure that our docs are up-to-date and accurate.
  • The Deflector - This employee engages with customers in the forums to answer questions and provide solutions.
  • The Referrer - This employee uses TLC in Zendesk as a retention tool for current customers, referring them to documentation or discussions to answer their support inquiries.
  • The Knowledge Builder - This employee contributes to the tribal knowledge of Team Tealium by creating internal documentation for employees.

Below are the slides from “The Tealies” awards ceremony. Take a look:

2. What changes in your customer care organization were implemented because of cost reductions based on your community and/or social media management for service platform?

  • Documentation updates and creating new documentation were integrated into the Customer Success teams, where in the past it was a job mainly meant for Engineering.
  • More departments are now using the Tealium Learning Community for training and support. Tribal knowledge base information has grown 395% for Customer Success alone.
  • More employees volunteer to answer questions in the Tealium Learning Community.
  • Sales is now proactively using the community to sell into prospects, encouraging prospects to register for the Community even before they sign. 
  • Our customer success teams now, compared to last year, refer customers to the Community at a rate of 92% more times, thus creating greater call deflection.
  • We receive more requests to update documentation then ever before, a 51% growth, which makes the technical writers’ jobs a lot easier because we’ve crowdsourced documentation updates. 

3. What are your customer care and business results in quantifiable metrics? Include support savings metrics (e.g. cost savings, decreased response time, call deflection, reduced case escalations, and increased agent productivity).

  • $5.3M in acquisition revenue influence
  • $1.8M in deflection savings
  • 92% growth in referrals to the Tealium Learning Community for call deflection year over year.
  • 395% growth in Tribal Knowledge articles for Customer Success year over year.
  • 51% growth in documentation update requests year over year.

Beyond growth, however, Team Tealium is now far more emotionally invested in the Tealium Learning Community. Whenever we make small changes to TLC we get called out for it. A good sign that folks are watching and want to make their feedback known.

So the awards ceremony worked! It grew tribal knowledge, growth in deflection, and growth in crowdsourcing documentation update requests. “The Tealies” also educated my Team Tealium on the importance of Community and Documentation in general.


But most importantly, it THANKED all the individuals for all their hard work during the ceremony.

Take a look at some images from “The Tealies 2017” below:



Thank you for reading my submission and I hope you find it worthy of a vote!