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Lithys 2018: Tealium - Topline Titan

Lithys 2018: Tealium - Topline Titan

Company: Tealium

Company background: Tealium is the leader in real-time unified marketing solutions, helping brands seamlessly integrate their siloed applications and data, and drive more profitable interactions across all digital touchpoints. Tealium’s open real-time Universal Data Hub (UDH) is a platform that enables digital marketers, data and analytics, and IT the ability to manage, govern, enrich, activate, and own their overarching corporate data strategy, reducing chaos and building better customer experiences.

Founded in 2008, Tealium is the most trusted vendor in its space and its award-winning solutions are used by hundreds of global enterprises, including, T-Mobile, Microsoft, HP, Uber, Facebook, Kimberly-Clark, LDS Church, Petco, American Airlines, Priceline, Univision, Orange, Sony, and many others.

Contact: Kathleen Jo

Title: Community Manager

Related URLs: Tealium Learning Community (TLC)

Lithy category: Topline Titan

1. What were your 2017-2018 goals for your community and/or social media management platform implementation?
Our goals for 2017 and 2018 were:

  • To educate Team Tealium on the Tealium Learning Community (TLC)'s ability to both make money, via sales influence, and save money, via call deflection.
  • Recognize and THANK the employees who put so much hard work into the Tealium Learning Community each and every single day. 

2. What were your focus areas and tactics to meet those goals?
For sales influence focus areas included:

  • Registration - Getting prospects to register and ask questions of other community members.
  • Confidence - Having prospects sign up for a free trial and then use that account, and the documentation in Tealium Learning Community (TLC), to implement Tealium on the prospects' site for free first before purchasing. This instilled confidence  in our technology.
  • Convince - Convince prospects of our technical validity and our commitment to support by having them spend time (time on site) in the Tealium Learning Community.

Tactics we used for sales influence included:

  • Handing out trophies, via an awards ceremony, to employees who did encourage their prospects to register for the Tealium Learning Community. Please see image below: uk-winners-tealies-2017.jpg
  • Encouraging sales to mention support as a benefit that will last long after the contract is signed.

For call deflections:

  • Encouraged employees to submit support ticket requests, via an awards ceremony, which helped the Tealium Learning Community team update deprecated documentation.
  • Encouraged employees to send customers to TLC to answer a question if a document existed.

Tactics used for call deflection included:

  • Handing out even more trophies. Please see below:dan-the-man-3.jpg
  • Recognition for all their hard work: Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 3.08.39 PM.png


3. Tell us about the results. Please list the top-line sales revenue/ROI metrics achieved due to your digital technology. Highlight the impact to your executive leadership team and other quantifiable business results 

  • $5.3M dollars in sales influence
  • $1.8M dollars in call deflections


 Thank you and I hope you find my submission worthy of a vote! Oh and one last photo...