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4 Unique Ways Lithium Customers Used Social Media on Valentine's Day

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Holidays present unique opportunities for brands to engage with customers on social media. We took a look at four randomly selected Lithium customers to see what they did for Valentine’s Day. We gotta hand it to them, they’re creative!!


1.) Take a survey and get your customers dreaming.

























2.) Compile a special video and share the love!
















3.)  Create and offer a unique guide that involves using your brand’s product to celebrate the holiday.





















4.) Make it easy to celebrate - offer suggestions for how they can enjoy the day.rokuval.png
















What are some ways your brand creates unique holiday posts? Comment below!

Khoros Staff


ING NL published a very nice post for Valentine's day with a link to their blog. The link was enclosed in their bio as well.

A smart way to increase traffic in their community and website.


TanyScreen Shot 2018-02-26 at 6.56.22 PM.png



Valued Contributor

At SAS, we challenged our members to create Valentine's Day Greetings using our products.  We published the challenge in a blog and collected the entries on the communities.  This was on the heels of a communities thread in which a member asked for help in creating a marriage proposal using the SAS programming environment.  (She said YES.)


We received some great entries!  Examples included.


Love signal is strongLove signal is strongInspired by Robert Indiana artworkInspired by Robert Indiana artwork