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Hi ya'll - We're interested in displaying some community content outside of our community (finally!), and are thinking of using ActiveCast to do so.But, the display of ActiveCast is quite plain. I know we can style it, but even better would be if we ...
by Honored Contributor Honored Contributor in Khoros Community Discussions latest reply Friday
Does anyone know if it is possible to upload the captioning file with your video through the Khoros platform? Or is this something that you need to do natively?We manage multiple accounts and want to upload the same video across all our markets. It s...
by ndomara New Commentator in Khoros Community Discussions posted Friday
Hi! Does anyone know what components should be visible on the "Post Success Page"? Currently our page looks like this and content is blank for users after posting when the "Show confirmation pages for posts" has been checked in admin - discussion sty...
by Trusted Contributor Trusted Contributor Trusted Contributor in Khoros Community Discussions latest reply Friday
Hi all!I am new to Lithium and wondering if there is a way to send a Newsletter with popular content etc from Lithium itself? I can't see one and older posts from 2015 suggest doing this outside of Lithium. Just wondered if you could share what you'v...
Hi!Is there any communication on when the recording from the Khoros road map webinar will be sent to all users that have registered?
by Occasional Advisor Occasional Advisor in Khoros Marketing Discussions latest reply Thursday
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