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When you want to compare the revisions in an article, you click on Article History. The comparison show everything, including formatting changes via HTML. Meaning, you see the document, with the HTML, with strikethroughs - This is distracting for som...
by Occasional Commentator rose_cobb Occasional Commentator in Khoros Community Discussions latest reply 4 hours ago
Can anyone assist me please in how to add table borders in the Message Editor? No matter what selection I use in table properties, I can only get a border around the entirety of the table. I don't get any borders internally around the cells / rows / ...
What are the correct components for:ForumTopicPage (is it id="thread-options"?)TkbArticlePage?IdeaPage? BlogArticlePage? ("blog-article-options"?)BlogPage?Any others? Is there one that will automatically put the correct one everywhere?Thanks!
by Respected Contributor Respected Contributor in Khoros Community Discussions latest reply Friday
Hi there,wasn't there a different sort order of menu items in the burger menu a few days ago?By coincidence, we have a similar issue on our stage as well. Does anyone else have the problem as well? Could be a problem with Khoros Communities Release 1...
by JuMir New Commentator in Khoros Community Discussions latest reply Friday
Looking for some input here. We're looking to find a way to track our Google Play reviews better. We currently track all the data in an excel doc so our company can track the reviews and know which phone, version of the app, and OS was used. If we in...
by jsquire New Commentator in Khoros Community Discussions latest reply Friday
Welcome to the Khoros Community

Welcome to the Khoros Community!

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