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Hey folks - we're having a gathering in Edinburgh this Thursday 23rd 6.30pm. We've had a bit of a pause on these the past 12 months but intending to run more regular sessions this year. If you can't make it this week but are interested generally plea...
by Trusted Contributor Trusted Contributor Trusted Contributor in Customer Meetups & Events: Europe posted on 5 hours ago
Hi! Since last week, May 7, we're seeing a huge spike in registrations, and only in registrations. We haven't changed anything on our side and am not seeing the same trend for other metrics. Wondering if anyone else is seeing such a spike. Wonder if ...
by Honored Contributor Honored Contributor Honored Contributor in Li Discussions latest reply 6 hours ago
We are excited to announce that the user interface of Khoros Care (formerly Lithium SMM/Response) will be getting a visual refresh. This move to the new Khoros branding will modernize the look and feel, and improves some accessibility issues. The onl...
by Khoros Guru Khoros Guru in SMM Blog latest reply yesterday
I'm curious to know if there are any image processing/computer vision frameworks out there that allow you to create a filter pipeline by dynamically creating chains of filters/filter blocks (similar to simulink blocks in MATLAB).The idea is mostly in...
by Carlos2158 New Commentator in Li Discussions posted on yesterday
Greetings,We are creating best practice documentation in Word and PDF format and looking for a quick workflow to copy paste and post these articles as community posts without having to upload every single individual image.Has anyone come across an ef...
by Frequent Advisor Frequent Advisor in Li Discussions posted on yesterday
Welcome to the Khoros Community

Welcome to the Khoros Community!

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