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We live in an increasingly mobile world, and Khoros has overhauled its two flagship mobile apps: Khoros Care (previously Lithium SMM) Khoros Marketing (previously Spredfast Conversations) Above: new iOS app icons There are three key areas where you w...
by Khoros Staff JosephSp Khoros Staff in Khoros Care Blog posted Friday
I'm either thick or having a senior moment. We just updated from 19.7 to 19.10 and in Community Metrics I can't find where to access the bulk download of member metrics. The release notes say:o download member data:Sign in to Community Analytics.Go t...
by Honored Contributor Honored Contributor in Khoros Community Discussions latest reply Friday
Hi,My company relies heavily on the bulk private messaging tool. It has not been functioning in our community for about three weeks. I've been in communication with support in regards to this, but they are unable to provide a timeline on when the bug...
by Occasional Advisor Occasional Advisor in Khoros Community Discussions latest reply Friday
Hi,is it somehow possible to disallow answers in a specific Category or Board for all users?Creating new Topics should still be possible.
by Occasional Contributor mbiel Occasional Contributor in Khoros Community Discussions latest reply Friday
Windows Firefox desktopTo click reply on a thread, I need to right click and open in new tab.
by Occasional Contributor NicolaC Occasional Contributor in Suggestions for Atlas latest reply Friday
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