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Hi Khoros Community,It's possible I am missing something obvious here, so if so don't hesitate to tell me 🙂.I am using the Admin>User Reports to get some user extracts. I want to see all of the users who logged in during CY18 and am using the follow...
by Advisor Advisor in Li Discussions posted on 2 hours ago
What's up my Lith-- Khoros COMMUNITY! 🙂Question for all: Is there an ability to LOCK a forum thread after a post within has been marked as ACCEPTED SOLUTION?I've read that developers built some sort of API/functionality to allow this: here aand here...
by Advisor Advisor in Li Discussions posted on 3 hours ago
Hello all,I'm trying to figure out signatures. Are they supposed to appear at the bottom of EVERY piece of content you post? (Ex. your own blogs, your own ideas, your own discussions, comments on other people's blogs / ideas, etc.)Is this something y...
by nicoleguzzo New Commentator in Li Discussions latest reply 4 hours ago
From time to time I want to put a notice or banner up on the home page and/or node pages that is only viewable by people with a certain role. For example I want to put a big notice, hard to miss, about some important community changes that is only vi...
by Esteemed Contributor Esteemed Contributor in Li Discussions latest reply 5 hours ago
Hello,I am working on updating our notification emails in Studio > Text Editor > Email Text. First, is there any way to mass edit the templates, or is it necessary to go one by one? Secondly, is there a way to change the header image or font style ac...
by KristenMeren New Commentator in Li Discussions latest reply 6 hours ago
Welcome to the Khoros Community

Welcome to the Khoros Community!

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