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Has anyone else seen videos disappear from their post in communities and the validation URL from the preview doesn't work. Not even on this site either... is this a bug?
by Occasional Advisor Occasional Advisor in Khoros Community Discussions latest reply an hour ago
Psychological principles are giving brands important behavioural insight which, when used correctly, can help drive great customer engagement. At a time when customers are demanding more from the brands they engage with, and the sheer amount of conte...
by Khoros Staff GrahamF Khoros Staff in Atlas Insights Blog posted 3 hours ago
Sometimes, when we have videos that are a full 60seconds, they show in the back end that they are just slightly over the minute mark. When posting directly on Instagram, there aren't any issues, but scheduling in Khoros means I can't ever use the ass...
by Occasional Contributor akstoneall Occasional Contributor in Khoros Marketing Discussions latest reply 4 hours ago
Is there a way to hide a specific board from appearing in the Recent Activity feed on the homepage?
by Occasional Contributor PCG_Austin Occasional Contributor in Strategy latest reply 5 hours ago
Hi ya'll!I'm playing around with product associations (not product mentions; product associations - you can read about them here: About Product Mentions and Product Associations ). I'm able to add products when creating a post (have tried on forum po...
by Honored Contributor Honored Contributor in Khoros Community Discussions latest reply yesterday
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