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We have a lot of exciting news from the month of February and March. The most exciting of course — that Spredfast and Lithium are now Khoros! We're excited to have such wonderful customers and Community contributors that voiced their support of our m...
by Moderator Moderator Moderator in Khoros' View Blog latest reply 3 hours ago
In our community we allow our users to tag their and other users posts. This has help tremendously with SEO and finding the topic our users are talking about. Our only issue is that sometimes we get tags that are either inappropriate, have personal i...
by Occasional Advisor Occasional Advisor in Li Discussions latest reply 5 hours ago
We would like to run a report to see all users that updated their avatar in a certain date range. I'm unable to locate a user report for avatar updates in LSI or Metrics?Is this report possible to build?
by Occasional Contributor jamiemccardle Occasional Contributor in Li Discussions latest reply 8 hours ago
Our Community has both edit and publish article permissions in the same field. Please see the image attached. Is there a way to separate these two? I know publish may directly relate to editing already publish articles, but curious if they can be sep...
by Occasional Contributor jamiemccardle Occasional Contributor in Li Discussions latest reply 8 hours ago
Hi All, This was active on my community but it was removed by an admin in error. Anyone know how I can make it so new members cannot send a PM without posting first? As a rule/role for a new member.
by Advisor Advisor in Li Discussions latest reply 12 hours ago
Welcome to the Khoros Community

Welcome to the Khoros Community!

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