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Atlas Updates, December 2019

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Below are the new features and changes made to Atlas in December. Comment below if you have any questions or feedback!







Support board list overlapped the right rail 

Fixed the board list which stretched underneath the right rail on the Support board. 

Menu was not expanding 

Resolved the issue where the menu wasn’t expanding when you clicked the double arrow on the side menu to show more options. 

Case Portal descriptions hard to read on mobile 

Removed Case Portal descriptions from the CSS skin so it’s easier to read on mobile. 



Added “My Bookmarks” component to homepage  

Added a “My Bookmarks” component to the right rail of the homepage. Component only visible if the user has bookmarks saved. 



Title changes in the event group 

Khoros Engage group name changed to "Khoros Events". 

Changed all uses of “Subscribe” to “Follow”  

For consistency, we changed all uses of “Subscribe” to “Follow”.