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Atlas Updates, February 2020 + Upcoming Email Change

Community Manager

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Atlas notification email changing soon

On Tuesday, March 17, we will update the Atlas notification email to We hope that this resolves the issue where members are not receiving Atlas notification emails. Please add this email to your contacts to make sure you receive our notifications. 

Below you’ll find the updates made to Atlas in February 2020. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below. 








Highlight topic starter/author in a thread

  • Added an author tag to highlight the topic starter/author, so respondents can easily tell if they are responding to the author or another discussion member. Example below. Thanks again @CarolineS and @StephenB for your feedback on this last month. 


Added the “My Group Hubs” component 

  • Previously, you could only navigate to the group hubs via the side menu, so we added the “My Group Hubs” component to the profile and category pages to improve ease of access. 



Atlas upgraded to 20.1

  • Upgraded Atlas to 20.1. To learn more about 20.1, read the latest release notes.  

Search results show last post/last updated date

  • Updated the date that appears in search results to show the last edit date for TKBs and the latest post for forum threads. 

Broken icons in Firefox 

  • Fixed the issue causing a few icons to be broken in Firefox, including the attachment and close notification icons. 

Parts of the survey were out of alignment

  • Resolved the issue where some of the text in the survey was out of alignment with the radio buttons. Thank you @Wendy_S for reporting this!

Renamed Administration Basics node  

  • Because the contents of the Marketing TKB node has evolved and is longer just about "Basics" we renamed it to the more apt title, “Administrations Essentials” 



Retired Tech Blog

  • We retired the Tech Blog since it was not being updated and transferred relevant content to the Customer Blog.  

Removed the “The New to ....” component 

  • We removed the “The New to....” component from category pages due to it not being maintained. 
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