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Coming Soon: Ideas!

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

I mentioned in my previous updates that we have an upgrade happening in the near future which had some pretty exciting things in it. Well, our latest press release has some insight into what those new things are (oh yeah,, and maybe the title of this article Smiley Wink ). Even better, the Lithosphere will be getting these updates this week so you can try them out!


Another note, to accommodate these new items we will making some incremental changes to the layout of the site, so stay tuned.


Some key items of note about Ideas:


  • Enables users to submit ideas and other users to vote and comment on them.
  • Moderation & management features to categorize the ideas, merge like ideas together, and give ideas status & filter by states.
  • Includes idea-specific metrics.


In addition to Ideas, this release also includes new Image Upload abilities:


  • Upload images as part of your post, including:
    • User-selectable resizing and alignment.
    • Works in forums, blogs, ideas.
  • User galleries available in profiles:
    • Shows all images a user has uploaded.
    • Allows upload of image independent of posts.
  • Image moderation capabilities, such as:
    • Optional, permission-driven pre-moderation.
    • Ability to flag or suppress objectionable images.
  • Ability to upload your own avatars!



If you have any questions, comments are now enabled here on the Lithosphere Log so ask away!


That's all for now - next up: the upgrade!

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Wow, talk about possibilities! 😄 This is a lot of nice stuff, and I'll definitely be making use of some stuff. My own personal avatar will be nice, and being able to do so much with images will make the community more accessible and enjoyable.
Honored Contributor
Oh, good - I can use my mouse image and also stop cluttering up the Suggestions board!  😉