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Community Manager Appreciation Day

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Community rocks, and so do all of its managers. Community Manager Appreciation day is Monday, January 27th and Lithium wants to congratulate all professional Community Managers. We want to know why you love being a CM and why community rocks. In return we will send one of our very own “Community Rocks” t-shirts to everyone who participates. You must be a Lithosphere community member to participate but if you don’t want to miss out, registration is always open. Make sure to comment on this post by January 27th 12 pm PST if you want a shirt! Community on!

Frequent Advisor

Being a Community Manager is awesome because you get to be a part of the front-end customer experience! You get to work with your customers and listen to them give first-hand experience on your products, as well as engage with your customer base and be a part of a community with the brand that you love.

Honored Contributor

I love being a Community Manager because you are an incredible facilitator, empowering people to share their amazing knowledge, their unique experiences and their passions. Community rocks because everyone has something unique to contribute. It's exciting and powerful to be able to able to harness that.

Honored Contributor

I Heart being a Community Manager because thanks to my community no day is like the other. I can work at an exciting connection point where online support, marketing, user research, product ideation and PR are having their occasional potlatch. The outcome they produce is unique user feedback - sometimes quite raw and direct, gems hidden inbetween -, funny or touching stories and interesting dialog from tech topics via usability utopias to ethics of privacy. All in one place. This rocks. Man Very Happy


Honored Contributor

I adore being a community manager because everyday I get to speak to and get to know different people all of which are unique in their own way Which has built some strong relationships within our community and the brand. Every day I wake up thinking about new things I can do for my community but also wonder about what new things I will discover or be amazed by the power of the community and the good nature of others to help like minded people. 

Respected Contributor

Being a CM made lets me learn and solve problems every day; loving it!

New Commentator

Too often, our voices, as consumers, get drowned in the corporate flood.  I love being able to give our own consumers a voice, to put them in touch with meaningful answers, coming from every ladder of the corporate environment.

Esteemed Contributor

ChrissyT, I couldn’t agree more!


I'm still learning the ropes but being a CM has been one of most rewarding roles I've ever had.


Whether it’s connecting with our net-new customers, or working with our more technical folks investigating issues and ensuring their feedback is heard - all I know is I love what I do and there’s nothing better than hearing about a customer’s positive experience. I haven’t really dabbled in the planning side but based on my experience with Lithosphere so far, I’m confident I’ll be able to accomplish a lot.  Thank you Lithium for makig it easy to manage a large community! *two thumbs up*

Respected Contributor

Being a community manager is a great job. Everyday is rewarding, in particular as I have a great group of colleagues and superusers that I can rely on. Communicating with a large group of people on a variety of topics, from the sweet to the sour, is a great feeling!

Having a community of passionate users is why community rocks! We don't just cater to the individual, we're able to listen and reply to the masses.

Frequent Advisor

Spending every day on a community full of knowledgeable, passionate advocates of a business is a really satisfying experience.Personally, I like to involve members in as many business-related events and decisions as I can, empowering them with a real sense of contribution to the business they support. I also talk to my members informally whenever i can, creating real human interaction. I respect them, they respect me and we work together to accomplish great things through collaboration.


You cant buy the passion for community that some members have, and community managers help to make this a reality 🙂

New Commentator

I say being a community manager can be summed up in one word... connector. Being a community manager and getting to connect with so many people everyday is what I like best. What I love about my community is how passionate they are. Even when they don't agree, they remain committed and I have to respect that.