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Comprehensive Research on the Social Strategist Role – Now Available

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

DanZ.jpgAs Lithium Technologies’ VP of Marketing, Dan Ziman is 'in the thick of it' on a daily basis.


He is a frequent contributor in the Social CRM Matters blog on the Lithosphere.

In the Lithosphere he is DanZ and you can follow him on Twitter at @LostintheFlog


The social web has forced every business to evolve.  You’re probably investing more resources to help find and embrace with your social customers than you ever envisioned just 1 year ago.   Now, businesses must move from reactive social web conversations to developing conversations into business advantage.  


While there’s tons of excitement surrounding new roles for marketers, there’s new challenges.   And, a new role has emerged – The Social Strategist.   It’s popping up across the entire enterprise. More and more, we’re seeing Managers, Directors, and VPs of Social Strategy —even the CSS (Chief Social Strategist).


Perhaps you ARE this new breed of strategist, or are being considered for such a role.   Or, you might be asked how to identify these folks in your own organization.    What is the career path, the proper compensation, the education and skills required for such a role? 


No doubt, it takes a special type of person.  You not only have to understand how your business operates, your marketplace differentiation, and your product messages, but also the friendly, transparent, and genuine character it will take to become a trusted and strategic resource for your social customers and business leaders.


If you’re talking about or have been identified as your company’s “social strategist”, the new report “Career Path for the Social Strategist” by Jeremiah Owyang, Partner of the Altimeter Group is a must read.  The research is loaded with information from 140 surveys of leaders in global brands, and full of social customer insights that are likely impacting your business in ways you never imagined. 

Take a look here.


You can also hear Jeremiah’s session on from the Social Customer Virtual Summit. Access the keynote at:


Jeremiah interviewed me early on for information on the survey questions and influencers in the industry. I want to congratulate Jeremiah and the Altimeter Group for publishing this timely and highly useful study. I hope the HR teams at major brands are also reading these reports as well so they can help their marketing departments with staffing, compensation, and benefits for the new breed of social pros.


I have one follow on question for Jeremiah -- why 140 surveys? Is this some kind of magical number? Not a coincidence?

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Thanks Dan, we had no intention of the number being intentional!  It was coincidental (I'm sitting with the research team and we're chuckling.