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New Training Courses now Available from Lithium Education

Lithium Alumni (Retired)



The Lithium Education Department is pleased to announce the immediate availability of two new online courses on Lithium Campus. The first is Lithium Reach Foundation. This course introduces users to the power and capabilities of Lithium Reach to easily schedule, manage and publish social marketing campaigns. Aimed at Marketing Managers and anyone with a role in social media publishing, this course provides an introduction to the tools and techniques Lithium Reach provides to easily schedule, publish, and measure their social media strategy.


The second new course, Advanced Developer, provides extensive information on the tools for customizing and integrating products within the Lithium Architecture. Covering topics such as Lithium APIs, Authentication, Freemarker, and the SDK for deploying changes, this course will prepare developers to achieve their customization goals. By the end of the course, developers should know what types of customizations are possible and how to go about executing those plans.


Both courses are new available, along with our complete online training library, on Lithium Campus.  Visit to register for our online training services.


For questions about these or any of the online or in person course offerings, please contact