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New year, new look. Details inside >

Retired Community Manager

New year, new look

For the new year, Lithosphere's UI has been revamped to reflect how vibrant our community is, and to blend seamlessly with  You'll find the same destinations right where you left them, and will notice a few major changes, many of these are a direct result of your feedback:


  • The large static image at the top of the landing page has been removed, freeing the left side for valuable community content
  • Sign-in and other user navigation links have been moved to the top right-hand corner of the site
  • A community browser (Browse our Community) has been added to the landing page to quickly see and access all areas at a glance
  • The idea exchange has a much cleaner layout, making it easier to read



New Support Portal



We have implemented many features long requested by customers to help you get Support from Lithium in an easier and more intuitive manner. These upgrades include:


  • The ability to search for Cases
  • Case Filtering
  • "CC" option for Cases
  • Account information


There's much more for you to discover! Keep an eye out for release notes, knowledge base articles and tutorials that will elaborate on all the new Support Portal features and improvements.


** If you encounter any issues with cases, please contact

The customer exclusive  blog covering release notes and webcasts has  been moved to the Support category where documentation and product training also reside.  The promotional portal will still be accessible from within the customer area.



This is just the beginning

We're proud of the improvements that have been made, and definitely recognize there are still outstanding areas that need more work. We continue to evaluate these items, many of which are already in motion and will be implemented in the months to come. 


As always, we encourage you to continue sharing your suggestions for UI or feature improvements on the Suggestions for Lithosphere board to allow the community to chime in and vote. You can also pass on your feedback about the new Support Portal specifically at


Looking forward to hearing what you think - See you around the Lithosphere!

Honored Contributor

Spotted a wrong link: 

On the community landing page at the "cases" link in the "support" section is just linking back to this landing page.


Current workaround:

If you want to acccess Lithocase you need to pick the "Support" category on the top (blue) navigation and then pick "cases" from the 2nd level (black) top navigation.

Honored Contributor

Another piece of cosmetic feedback:

If you submit a blog comment the new comment is highlighted by a Javascript from yellow to white. This obviously leaves the layout of the comment with a white background and you have grey frames left over only on top and the sides. See attached screenshot of how my comment from above looks straight after submission:comment_layout.PNG

After reloading the page the whole comment is shown with a solid grey background again.

Honored Contributor

And finally my general feedback: Definitely an enhancement over the previous navigation experience. I like the bright coloring (feels to Windows 😎 and the spacing between layout items. (And I see what you did there with the Skype blue header 😉 )

Retired Community Manager

Thanks Claudius for all the feedback! I've added these two items to our list of fixes. Skype is definitely an inspiration on many fronts 😉